About Alpina

Alpina: market leader for professional equipment

The name ALPINA has become a strong registered trademark, well known by professionals in various industries and our products are used by a variety of clients.

Alpina Grills & Catering Systems

Headquartered in Wevelgem, Belgium, Alpina was founded in 1967 as a provider of machinery for the food service industry. From here, Alpina Grills & Catering Systems was born, providing professional solutions to the hotel and catering industries.

Alpina has grown into one of Europe’s most respected manufacturers of top of the range catering equipment, and we are well known within the food industry for our innovative designs, attention to detail and first-rate products. Our catering equipment can be used for a variety of occasions, from small gatherings and family barbecues to fine dining and large corporate events.

Chicken Rotisseries

Our knowledge of chicken rotisseries is unsurpassed, having been manufacturing them since 1967. As a pioneer in this area of professional catering, our high-end rotisseries became well known and highly sought after, both in Belgium and abroad, and we still provide the very best rotisseries and chicken grills in the world.

Professional Ovens

We can provide different sizes of ovens and heating cabinets for different quantities.
Preparing food in top quality ovens with that certain something!

Mobile Cooking Islands

In 2005, we expanded even further, adding a series of high-end, gas-fired mobile cooking islandsto our range of items, complementing the barbecue products used by the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.


While continuing to demonstrate our expertise in the field of gas barbecues and rotisseries, Alpina then entered the commercial cooking market, manufacturing a series of high-performance, heavy-duty grills, ovens and fryers for the food service industry. Today, we provide flat-top grills, mobile grills, box grills, panini grills and multifunctional grills to suit any occasion.

Professional Gas Barbecues

After becoming renowned for our rotisseries, we turned our attention to producing a large range of commercial-quality, outdoor professional gas barbecues, and soon emerged as the leading provider of professional rotisseries and gas barbecues all over Europe. Our range of gas barbecues, featuring The Hotelier, The Caterer, The Cavalier and The Clubman are some of the most popular in the industry.

And we haven’t stopped there!

Recognising the need for drinks storage and temperature control at outdoor catering events, we set about manufacturing a range of “mobile bars”, which included a mobile wine bar, cocktail barand beer bar, as well as outdoor heaters to keep guests warm in the evenings!

Cooking is our passion at Alpina, and we’re constantly striving to create better, more efficient and more sophisticated catering systems for our customers. So watch this space for updates on our new product releases, coming soon!

If you’d like to contact us for any further information about our range of grills and catering systems, please get in touch today.

We’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us today!

Alpina Heaters

ALPINA Heaters is a Belgian Company, since 2003 specialized in the OEM production and distribution of the most powerful outdoor heaters, gas or electric by infrared heating, even as Photonpower far infrared heating panels for both private and commercial use.

Here at Alpina, we provide beautifully designed, high-end flame and electric infrared heaters for in and outdoor environments, so whatever the occasion, you can be sure that you and your guests will be kept warm and happy, even on the coldest moments!
More and more users, both private and commercial, are recognising the benefits that our heaters bring. With an Alpina Heater, you’ll be sure to make your experience a comfortable, more enjoyable one!

Our speciality is indoor far infrared heating with a difference, even as outdoor terrace heating, so if you are looking for something totally unique the Alpina range is the obvious choice for you. These models meet the highest European safety standards along with being environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Please take a look at our full list of different heating solutions in the various industries.

  • Hotels, Casinos and Resorts
  • Bars, Night Clubs, Outdoor Lounges
  • Restaurants, Pubs and Café houses
  • Events and Special Occasions
  • Outdoor Party/Event Rental Companies
  • Shopping malls
  • Recreational Parks
  • Furniture & Patio Vendors
  • Home & Garden Vendors
  • Private Users

Alpina: Redefine Heating.

Alpina Steam Cleaners

Alpina Steam Cleaning Machines is a Belgian company currently at the forefront of the industry, producing innovative steam cleaning solutions for professional and commercial use.

Our OEM company division was formed as a subsidiary to Alpina NV in early 2007. Since then we have acquired invaluable expertise in the field of steam cleaning and now provide products for a wide range of customers, including the hospitality industry, car industry and health care sector, as well as schools and local councils.

Alpina’s mission is to provide customers with an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution, and we believe our range of products more than fulfil this objective. Our products, ranging from steam vapour machines to microfiber towels, are carefully selected and vigorously tested, with each unit undergoing a stringent testing procedure and quality performance rating before we bring them to market. As a result, we are extremely proud of their consistently impressive performance and the positive feedback we receive from our clients.

Our excellent service standards have won us the trust of major supermarket chains, hotels, restaurants, schools and caterers, as well as numerous local councils, transport authorities and healthcare organisations throughout Belgium and abroad. Sporting an extensive range of machines from light commercial to industrial 10 bar cleaning systems, Alpina can fulfil any of your steam cleaning requirements, including household, commercial and industrial use.

Recently, we added a range of steam car wash machines to our range, and this revolutionary system has succeeded in transforming the entire car wash industry, not only in Belgium, but also around the world. Thanks to our steam cleaning car wash machines, far less water is now needed to wash each car, and superb results are consistently achieved by our customers.

So if you’re thinking of starting up your own business, this is a great opportunity! And no permits or large investments are required.

The team here at Alpina Steam Cleaning Machines would like to share the benefits of our knowledge and experience with the rest of the cleaning industry. So if you’d like to contact us for any further information about our range of products, please get in touch today. We can provide technical support, financial advice and industry news, and of course, special purchase or lease deals on our entire range of machines.

Alpina Steam Cleaners: providing solutions for a healthier environment.

Why Alpina?

1) Savings

Saving money has become a denominating factor when choosing a product or service.
Alpina always bears this in mind and has reached this objective through continual research of the products.
The planning of a heating system or device can not be simply translated into finding the right technical solution, but above all, it also has to find the best ways of saving money by a good return on investment, and protecting the environment.

2) Quality

The Quality of Alpina’s products is fruit of an elaborate and high quality research process.
From planning to design, safety to marketing, each step is scrupulously carried out and processed, with the knowledge that the constant quality of our products, will allow us to maintain our role as a true protagonist in this sector.
In an increasingly attentive and selective market, a poor, low quality product has no reason to exist and is destined to disappear.
The results achieved in over several years of activity, have certainly left no room for doubt regarding the quality of our products, that completely conform to the quality standards.

3) Wide range

Alpina has created a complete line of heaters for its clients: gas fired heater models even as infrared electric carbon fibre heaters.
A wide range of products, purposely studied to satisfy all your heating requirements, be they residential or industrial.

4) Versatility

One of the challenges we had to face, was to find a versatile product.
We do not just content ourselves with quality and efficiency, we want our product to respond, as much as possible, to the needs of each single client.
That is why we worry so much about a product that is capable of adapting itself to various conditions of use and environments