Aerodynamic UVC Air Sterilizer

This WiFi and radio-controlled sterilizer for ceiling or wall mounting. The system can be operated through Android or iOS, voice control, or by using the remote control. The airflow device can sterilize 85 m³ of air per hour and is therefore suitable for rooms up to 20 m³. Sterilization technologies include high-density UVC, Micron-E and ultra-high temperatures.

Officially approved as a ventilation purification system by the Federal Public Health Authority and the Task Force Covid19 (Belgium)

  • Reduces the presence of harmful bacteria, microorganisms and aerosols thanks to intensive UVC use
  • Contains three separate chambers for compression, cleaning and Micron-E filter-free purification
  • Solo Airflow does not use a filter as filters are perfect breeding grounds for harmful micro-organisms
  • The perfect combination of craftsmanship and minimalist design
Dimensions280 x 580 x 65 mm
Weight4 kg
Voltage220V/50 Hz
Power36 W