Dry Ice Machine

Alpina’s fast dry ice maker is suited for kitchens, bars, hotels and restaurants. It can be used to dry ice food, but also to chill glasses.

  • Fast Dry Ice Maker: within 2 minutes we will have this dry ice block!
  • Portable Dry Ice Machine: portable, mini and compact for use in kitchens, bars, hotels, restaurants.
  • Efficient dry ice making machine: it consumes about 1.8lbs liquid CO2 and delivers 0.41 lbs dry ice, which can be considered an industry-record high transforming rate.
  • Easy to operate: all you need is just one click to activate the dry ice machine.
  • Wide Applications: dry ice maker produces solid CO2  blocks, which is widely used in dry ice smoke for food, ice cream, frozen meats and seafood, tissue preservation, specimen shipping, etc. The dry ice machine can also be used as a CO2 beer froster to chill your beer or wine glasses.

Video Dry Ice Machine