Air Purifiers

Alpina UVC Air Sterilizer Cannon

Cannon HVAC Airflow Environmental Sterilizer: Unleash Clean Air in Large Spaces! Introducing the Cannon HVAC Airflow Environmental Sterilizer, a groundbreaking germicidal system designed to revolutionize air quality in expansive environments.

Alpina Portable Air Purifier Tornado

Introducing Tornado: Portable Air Purifier with Advanced 254nm UVC Disinfection Elevate the air quality you breathe with Tornado, a powerful and portable air purifier designed to disinfect and purify the air.

Alpina Skyline upper-room LED-Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Skyline upper-room LED-Ultraviolet smart lighting & germicidal irradiation system The Skyline is an upper-room LED-Ultraviolet smart lighting & germicidal irradiation system designed for ambient lighting and upper air environmental disinfection in medium to large air volume spaces.

Alpina Guard Pro Air Purifier

Guard Pro Air Purifier: Powerful Sterilization for a Healthy Environment Introducing the Guard Pro Air Purifier, an advanced system utilizing powerful 254nm UVC lamps combined with photoionization for continuous air sterilization.

Alpina Portable Air Purifier Guard Stand

Introducing Guard Stand: Portable Air Purifier for a Healthier Environment Improve the air quality you breathe with Guard Stand, a movable air purifier utilizing cutting-edge 254nm UVC technology.

Alpina Air Purifier Guard Up

Guard Up: Silent, Smart, and Superior Air Purification Introducing Guard Up, the epitome of innovation in air purification.

Alpina Dry Ice Cleaner Ice-Gun

Dry Ice Cleaner Ice-Gun® The Ice-Gun is a dry ice snow cleaning system which safely can remove contaminants on any surface.

Air purifiers with UV-C kill the bacteria and harmful micro-organisms in the aerosols from the air.