Skyline upper-room LED-Ultraviolet smart lighting & germicidal irradiation system

The Skyline is an upper-room LED-Ultraviolet smart lighting & germicidal irradiation system designed for ambient lighting and upper air environmental disinfection in medium to large air volume spaces. For clean and healthy air indoors!

Technical features :

UVC : 254nm
Dimensions : l 1200 x w55 x h 120 mm
Total power : 132 watt
Germicidal power : 72 watt
Adjustable lumen : 4000-5000-6000K
LED power : 60 watt

What is upper-room disinfection UVGI?

Upper-room air disinfection using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a technology that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect air in indoor spaces. In this approach, UVGI fixtures are installed on the upper walls of a room, emitting germicidal ultraviolet light into the upper portion of the room.

The technology works by using short-wave ultraviolet light (UVC) to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, rendering them unable to replicate and infect individuals. This type of UV light is able to penetrate the outer wall of the cell, allowing it to inactivate or kill the organism.

When used in upper-room air disinfection, the UVGI fixtures emit UV light upward toward the ceiling, where it reflects back down onto the upper portion of the room. Because the UVC light is directed upward, it is not harmful to people in the room, as long as the fixtures are installed and maintained properly. However, the technology is most effective at inactivating microorganisms that are airborne and moving in the upper portion of the room, where the UVGI fixtures are installed.

Overall, upper-room air disinfection using UVGI is a powerful tool for reducing the transmission of airborne infections in indoor spaces. However, it is important to note that this technology is most effective when used in combination with other infection control measures, such as good ventilation and air filtration, surface cleaning and disinfection, and personal protective equipment.

How does Skyline Upper-Room UVGI work?

Air circulated from HVAC systems, natural convection, fans, and/or open windows passes through the upper-room UVGI disinfection zone, where it receives an appropriate amount of germicidal energy. The UV energy inactivates the airborne pathogens, which can remain in the air but are no longer infectious.

Upper-room UVGI systems can also assist where existing mechanical systems cannot deliver the necessary air changes per hour. Upper room UVGI can provide multiple air change “equivalents” each hour, which helps dilute pathogen concentrations, similar to adding clean air into the space.

Studies have shown that one hour of using an upper-room air UVC fixture can be equivalent to 10 to 16 air changes.

  1. Air passes through the disinfection zone from air flow through HVAC system, fans, and/or open windows.
  2. The airborne pathogens are killed once they receive an appropriate amount of UV energy. The particles remain in the air, but they are no longer infectious.

Upper-room UVGI has been used for over 70 years to eliminate airborne pathogens. Through decades of experience in using UVC for sterilising rooms in hospitals worldwide, Skyline has the highest efficiency in surface and room sterilisation, achieving medical performance, i.e., almost 100%. Since 1950, the bulk of the research on upper-room UVGI systems focused on controlling the spread of tuberculosis (TB).

Where is it used ?

  • The most important locations for UVGI are high-risk indoor settings. These include:
    • Areas with an increased likelihood of sick people (for example, school nurse’s office, hospital waiting room).
    • Crowded spaces, particularly when the health status of occupants is unknown (for example, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, hotel lobbies, homeless shelter sleeping areas and in facilities such as health clubs and sport arenas).
    • Spaces where people must take off masks to eat or drink (for example, school/institutional cafeterias, restaurants, break rooms).
    • Areas where it is difficult to stay at least 1,5 meter apart from others.
  • UVGI is recommended in spaces with insufficient or no mechanical HVAC systems or where adequate natural ventilation cannot be maintained year-round. Spaces must be at least 2,4 meter tall, but a minimum ceiling height of 2,6 meter is preferred, with some airflow to move air (for example, fans at low speed). Upper-room UVGI is not needed in open-air environments, such as outdoor open-air seating areas.

In general, the number of upper-room UVGI fixtures required for pathogen disinfection is determined by a room’s size (germicidal coverage is specified in either square meter or cubic meter).

The Skyline upper-Room UVGI System

The upper-room germicidal irradiation system Skyline is available in two different models, depending on the UV-C projection direction, i.e. upward projecting and horizontal projecting.
Both models allow safe use of UV-C in residential and commercial environments.

Upward projecting model :
– The Skyline can be mounted directly on a wall surface, alone or with several units in line, using wall mounts.  Several units in line can form an LED lighting wall. The UVC is projected upwards to sterilise the space above.
– With ceiling fittings, Skyline can be freely suspended from the ceiling alone or also several elements in line. The LED lighting provides mood lighting for all living areas. The UVC is projected upwards to sterilise the ceiling pool and the intermediate space in sight.

Horizontal projecting model :
– Skyline of this sub-model can be mounted directly on the ceiling surface alone or in line with various devices. The LED lighting provides mood lighting for any living space. The UVC is projected horizontally to sterilise the ceiling pool and the air flow naturally circulates to the ceiling.

Skyline is equipped with an advanced IoT wireless control technology, LED and UVC can only be controlled and programmed by the user, who can set the devices to auto-act, periodic operation, off-work operation, synchronous operation to the climate conditions, etc.. as smartly as the latest IoT technology can.

Skyline is a minimalist design with very compact functions inside. It offers both ambient and environmental lighting, IoT, smart-space idea, etc. All in one!