Introducing Tornado: Portable Air Purifier with Advanced 254nm UVC Disinfection

Elevate the air quality you breathe with Tornado, a powerful and portable air purifier designed to disinfect and purify the air. Featuring advanced 254nm UVC light technology, the Tornado provides an effective solution for a healthy and clean indoor environment.

Key Features:

1. Air disinfection with 254nm UVC Light:

Tornado utilizes high-quality UVC light technology with a wavelength of 254nm. This potent light has been proven effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, ensuring a healthier air quality.

2. Suitable for +/-100m² Space:

This portable air purifier is crafted for efficiency and suitable for spaces up to approximately 100 square meters. Whether it’s an office, living room, bedroom, or meeting space, the Tornado delivers clean air wherever it’s needed.

3. Remote and Wifi Control:

Convenience is paramount with Tornado. Effortlessly control the air purifier with the included remote or, for added ease, manage it via wifi. This allows you to regulate air quality from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

4. Powerful Air Circulation:

Tornado ensures consistent and robust air circulation, effectively filtering and disinfecting the air. Bid farewell to unwanted particles in the air and breathe in fresh, clean air.

5. Stylish and Compact Design:

The contemporary design of Tornado seamlessly blends into any space. Compact, stylish, and functional – it not only enhances air quality but also complements the interior of your space.

6. Low Noise Operation:

Enjoy a healthy air quality without disruptive noise. Tornado is engineered with low-noise technology, allowing you to peacefully relish clean air.

7. Programmable Timer:

Tailor the Tornado to your lifestyle with the programmable timer. Easily set when the air purifier should operate, aligning perfectly with your daily routine.

Why Choose Tornado?

Tornado offers more than just air purification; it’s an investment in a healthier living environment. Whether reducing allergens, combating germs, or creating a fresher atmosphere, Tornado is ready to transform your indoor air.

Take the step towards clean, healthy air with Tornado today. Breathe easy, breathe Tornado.