Electric Grills & Appliances

Alpina Salamander Grills

The salamander grill is a culinary utensil characterized by very high overhead temperature powered by electricity or gas. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); It's used primarily in professional kitchens for overhead grilling (broiling). It ‘s also used for toasting, as well as browning of gratin dishes, melting cheeses onto sandwiches, and concocting desserts such as Crème Brûlée. The [...]

Alpina Chicken Rotisseries Heating Cabinet

Rotary chicken Rotisserie with baskets and adapted heating cabinet. The rotary chicken rotisseries are convection rotisseries with high performance heating elements. They are fully manufactured in stainless steel, and delivered with different baskets and drip sauce tray. Each model has a front and rear glass door for a good visibility. We have three models for [...]

Alpina Chicken Rotisseries Electric

Alpina presents a wide range of attractive chicken rotisseries electric, for different quantities. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The electric rotisseries are fully made of stainless steel and work on 400V. The roasting time is from 80-90 minutes. Each machine has a double glass door for protection. One small model for lower capacity, works on 220V. Ask a [...]

Alpina High Speed Unic Grill Oven

The High Speed Grill Oven Unic is a professional multifunctional Fan Oven/Grill, destinated to all fast food industry. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The Unic is a fully enclosed High Speed Fan Oven & Grill reaching temperatures of 250°C with easily controlled programmes via a simple digital panel.  Due to the hood enclosure, there are no fumes or [...]

Alpina Hot Display Cabinet WG

Thie hot display cabinet WG is perfect when pre-cooked food needs to be kept warm for long periods of time. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); With the ALPINA electric hot display cabinet WG, all types of food can be kept warm for a period of time, while the glass doors on both sides and internal light allow people [...]

Alpina EcoGrills

EcoGrill A professional electric grill, unique in the world market. It has a revolutionary heating system with integrated heaters. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The EcoGrill is a professional electric grill, unique in the world market. Its integrated heating elements will lead to quick heating. As the heaters are installed inside the stainless steel grill, the chance of smoke and [...]

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