Gas Grills & Appliances

Alpina Chicken Rotisseries

Alpina has a complete range of professional chicken rotisseries on gas, with double row technology for high capacity.

Alpina Gas hot display

Gas hot display These gas hot displays are perfect for outdoor use and for people who need to transport food regularly.

Alpina Pizza Oven

Your pizza oven on gas heats up very fast: ideal to get through a busy shift.

Alpina Potato Oven

The Alpina professional potato oven is entirely made of stainless steel, works on gas or electric, and is especially designed for baking a batch of potatoes.

Alpina Salamander Grills

Salamander Grills This Alpina salamander grills is a culinary utensil characterized by very high overhead  temperature powered by gasburners.

Alpina Spit Roast

Using the Spit Roast you can cook all sorts of meat or poultry on one to three spits, or chickens and smaller joints on the chicken spits.

Alpina Professional Barbecue

Professional barbecue Caterer & Cavalier As a commercial outdoor equipment, the professional barbecue Caterer had become the clear market leader in professional gas barbecues.

Discover Alpina's gas grills and appliances for hotels, restaurants, caterers and food industry. Perfect for professionals!