Gas Grills & Appliances

Alpina Streetwok Gas-powered wok burner

Streetwok: Revolutionize Your Culinary Experience Discover the Streetwok, a gas-powered professional wok burner that sets a new standard in culinary innovation.

Alpina Gasbarbecues for professionals

Gasbarbecues for professionals Elevate your professional grilling experience with Alpina Gas Barbecues – the epitome of portable, high-performance grilling tailored for culinary experts.

Alpina Fry Top Grill Onfalos

Onfalos, more than a barbecue ! The Fry Top Grill Onfalos is a moveable, free-standing fry top with great performance and and elegant design.

Alpina Heating cabinet on gas

Heating cabinet on gas The heating cabinet on gas are perfect for outdoor use and for people who need to transport food regularly.

Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens

Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens: Elevate Your Pizza Game! Discover the perfect blend of craftsmanship and culinary excellence with Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens.

Alpina Potato Oven Alpina

Alpina Gas or Electric Potato Oven: Your Recipe for Profitable Success! Introducing the Alpina Gas or Electric Potato Oven – the secret ingredient for professionals in the world of jacket potatoes.

Alpina Professional Gas-powered Salamander Grill

Alpina Professional Gas Salamander Grill: Elevate Your Culinary Experience Experience culinary excellence with the Alpina Professional Gas Salamander Grill, a masterpiece of grilling technology.

Alpina Gas-Powered Chicken Spits

Alpina Gas-Powered Chicken Spits: Elevate Your Spit-Roasted Success! Introducing the Alpina Gas-Powered Chicken Spits – the essential companion for professional flavor maestros.

Alpina Multi Hog Roast

Using the Multi Hog Roast you can cook all sorts of meat or lamb or hog on one to three spits.

Discover Alpina’s gas grills and appliances for hotels, restaurants, caterers and food industry. Perfect for professionals!