Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens: Elevate Your Pizza Game!

Discover the perfect blend of craftsmanship and culinary excellence with Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens. Crafted entirely from high-quality stainless steel, these ovens offer reliability and efficiency, making them ideal for professionals in the pizza business. Whether you own a pizzeria, operate at markets, or run a catering business, Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens take your pizza-making to new heights for a profitable venture.

Features and Benefits:

1. Gas-Powered Efficiency:

Harness the power of gas for quick and even heating, allowing you to serve delicious pizzas in no time.

2. Sturdy Stainless Steel Build:

The full stainless steel construction ensures durability, easy maintenance, and a professional appearance.

3. Single or Double Chambers:

Choose between models with one or two chambers, enabling you to prepare multiple pizzas up to 30 cm in diameter simultaneously.

4. Optimal Pizza Baking:

Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens are designed for perfect baking, delivering a crispy crust and juicy toppings that keep customers coming back for more.

5. Versatile for Various Applications:

Whether you run a pizzeria, participate in events, or provide catering services, these pizza ovens are versatile, delivering outstanding results consistently.

Increase Your Revenue: With Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens, boost kitchen efficiency, reduce wait times, and enhance the quality of your pizzas, leading to satisfied customers and increased revenue.

Order Your Alpina Gas Pizza Oven Today: Explore the professional world of pizza baking with Alpina Gas Pizza Ovens. Order today and propel your pizzeria to unparalleled heights of success!

PG4PG6PG 2×4PG 2×6
Number of decks1122
Number of pizzas462 x 42 x 6
Thermal power(kW)13,515,515,525,5
Propane gas consumption (kg/h)0,891,021,021,68
Natural gas consumption (m³/h)1,41,611,612,65
Dimensions (mm)990x770x700990x1070x700990x770x800990x1070x800
Chamber dimensions (mm)620 x 620620 x 920620 x 620620 x 920
Number & size of pizzas4 pizzas - 30cm6 pizzas - 30cm2 x 4 pizzas - 30cm2 x 6 pizzas - 30cm

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