Onfalos, more than a barbecue !

The Fry Top Grill Onfalos is a moveable, free-standing fry top with great performance and and elegant design.
It is a highly versatile fry top cooking appliance for professional or home use.
Onfalós is the evolution of the fry-top. The best method for hot-plate cooking currently available to professional cooks is now mobile and independent.
The heart of Onfalós is its particularly thick (from 12 mm to 15 mm, depending on model) hard chrome-coated steel plate with an exceptionally smooth surface. The steel plate’s special finish and its calibrated thickness together with the significant heat generated by the gas burners mean that the food is seared as soon as it touches the hot plate, sealing in moisture and flavours so that no extra seasoning or cooking fats are needed.
This means food is tasty, tender and light, full of natural flavour and extremely healthy. No more dry or burnt food.
The high-quality gas burner valves ensure extreme precision in adjusting and maintaining the right cooking temperatures (from 120 °C to 300 °C) for different kinds of food.
Onfalós Medium and Large provide two different temperatures at the same time for cooking various kinds of food.

The mobile fry top grill Onfalos can be purchased with a variety of handy accessories, from tongs and spatulas to scrapers and lids. Petals have also been created: special modular supporting bases which add a touch of colour and practicality to the main structure.

Style and Substance

Defying conventions, the Onfalos has managed to find fresh solutions to transform even structural components into decorative elements…

  • The plate, no longer rectangular as in conventional fry-tops, is round and shiny, similar to a large mirror. The round shape optimises the distribution of the heat over the entire surface and the absence of corners makes cleaning easy.
  • The combustion chamber and the chimney are hidden inside the elegant, truncated cone-shaped structure in which the plate is contained: a contemporary brazier, which makes the flame inaccessible and increases safety during use.
  • The chimney openings have been decorated with a refined geometric flower composition on the edge: an unusual detail which optimises the combustion performance.
  • The cylindrical shell, made of stainless steel and resistant to all weather conditions, contains the drain tray for the collection of liquids that are formed during the cooking and cleaning process.

Onfalos is incredibly sturdy thanks to the thickness of the steel used, and it can be moved around easily thanks to three pirouetting wheels and a comfortable guide. This allows the owner to cook wherever they wish, whether it’s on the terrace, in the garden, beside the pool, or in the kitchen! A fundamental prerequisite for its mobility is its independence. All one requires is a 5 kg gas tank which is situated in the appropriate case inside the supporting cylinder.

ModelSmall OnfalosMedium OnfalosLarge Onfalos
Capacity+/- 10 simultaneous servings+/- 15 simultaneous servings+/- 25 simultaneous servings
Maximum height (cm)103.5103.5107.5
External diameter (cm)6072,596
Diameter wheelbase (cm)666688
Packaging dimensions (cm)80 x 80 x 12280 x 80 x 122105 x 105 x 125
Diameter cooking surface (cm)46.558.579.5
Thickness cooking plate (mm)121215
Surface cooking plate (cm²)169826884962
Weight (kg)6489,5160
Weight including packaging (kg)87.5112192

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Accessoires for the Onfalos grill

AISI 304 stainless steel sanded finish
Small: 620 mm diameter / 1,2 mm thick / 2,5 kg
Medium: 760 mm diameter / 1,2 mm thick / 4,4 kg
Large: 1000 mm diameter / 1,5 mm thick / 9,9 kg

Material: Corian
Small: 440 x 410 x 13 mm / 3,1 kg
Medium: 440 x 480 x 13 mm / 3,8 kg
Large: 440 x 600 x 13 mm / 5,1 kg

AISI 304 stainless steel, sanded finish
180 gr
Tongs are a handy Barbeque tool for lifting, moving or turning small or delicate items of food. The grip ends measure 50 x 60 mm.

AISI 304 stainless steel, sanded finish
265 gr
The scraper is used to remove food residues from the plate during cooking or to clean the plate afterwards. The interchangeable blade is made of spring steel so it perfectly adheres to the surface to be cleaned.

The benefits of flat top grills

Simultaneous Use

The Evo’s versatility also involves controllable dual cooking zones to accommodate multiple foods cooked to order, simultaneously. Bacon, eggs, muffins, hash browns, steaks, asparagus, Texas toast – you name it. The Evo can do them all together!

This is because the Evo cook tops have a large surface area and independent heat zones which allow operators to multi-task. One chef can be preparing an individual meal to order, while another can be prepping ingredients for an upcoming order.

Extensive Cooking Versatility with Single Appliance

The Evo live-action cooking stations provide unmatched culinary versatility, with full direct (sear, sauté, grill, etc) and indirect (roast, boil, steam, etc.) cooking techniques at your command. There’s no need to waste valuable capital on single-purpose cooking appliances such as tortilla warmers, woks, crepe makers, etc.

Beyond sustaining constant and consistent heat, Evo cooking stations offer superior heat control to accommodate the most delicate to the most demanding food items, with temperature variations between 175 and 670 degrees F. Whatever your guests desire, the Evo can handle it.

Stimulating the Senses

Live-action display cooking of freshly prepared food allows the diner to experience the full range of sensory delights, unlike any other application! All five of the traditional senses come into play: the sights of a colourful array of ingredients, the aromas of various spices, the sounds of morsels chattering on the cooker top, the touch of new textures, and the tastes of delicious foods prepared by the chef.

Other sensory perceptions come into play as well when using the Evo Grills. “Thermoception” comes alive as the diner savours the rarity of food being served hot, and staying that way for longer. These experiences will alter the sense of time, elongating the event as one’s mind records every memorable moment. Their heart smiles. Their brain applauds. Take a bow Evo chef!

Lower Operating Costs

The unique concept of Evo cooking equipment provides greater utility with less supporting supplies. There’s no need for special induction pans, simply use the pots you have. No “additional attachments” required. And you don’t need steam table pans, warming lamps, chafing dishes and fuel canisters, etc when serving right to the plate from an Evo.

Energy costs can also be a major portion of operating expense. Evo appliances are very energy-efficient by design, effectively capturing the heat within the cooking surface.

Covet the Clean-up Crew

Evo clean-up is fast, easy and thorough. You’ll be done and ready to go home while the rest are still stacking chairs! The folding up and transporting of the portable Evo models can even be handled by one person.

Also, the Evo flat top cleans best when warm, so the chef can begin scraping the cooking surface before the last portion is even served. You can then carefully wipe down the stainless steel surfaces while the cook top cools down, and the clean-up can be done without the need for running water.

Easy set up

Live-action cooking can be set up easily, and in a number of different venues. Evo portable cooking stations are easily transported, whether you need to push the travel case across the pool deck, move the presentation cart across the banqueting room, or carry the tabletop down to the beach. Don’t have a helper? No worries – you can handle an Evo all by yourself.

And getting started is easy too! All units arrive ready to connect to their power source, so whether you need to hook it up to a propane tank, a natural gas line, or plug the Evo into an electric outlet, you can start cooking quickly, and easily.

Quick Start Up

Evo’s state-of-the-art equipment provides fast service for dinner guests. You can turn on an Evo and reach your ideal cooking temperature in just a few minutes. And because the Evo is so easy to clean, it’s unlikely that the user before will have left you with a mess to deal with. You’re oiled and ready to go!

These short preparation times mean that less man-hours are needed, and consequently, quicker and better results can be achieved. Plus, Evo’s ability to heat up quickly allows for quicker response times when it comes to special, last minute requests!

Utilize All Day Long!

A great benefit of the Evo cooking appliances is that you can deploy them all day long. They perform superbly for any meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and anything in between.

Evo’s extended utilization means lower allocated costs per meal item and/or service period. That raises margins and opens up more sales opportunities. Evo’s productivity is a lot easier to justify than a rotisserie, for example, which costs four times as much for roasting chickens for a 4-7pm customer window, and which then sell at the same price as the uncooked product in the meat case.

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