The High Speed Panini Grill Unic is a professional multifunctional Fan Oven/Grill, destinated to all fast food industry.

The Unic is a fully enclosed High Speed Fan Oven & Grill reaching temperatures of 250°C with easily controlled programmes via a simple digital panel.  Due to the hood enclosure, there are no fumes or spillage of food fats or carbon deposit build ups as this is controlled by the in-built ventilation system and therefore the unit can be located front of house without any concerns of fumes being emitted into customer areas and does not need expensive extraction systems.

By the combination of Oven and Grill, the speed of cooking is phenomenally quick (only seconds) whether it be from fresh or from fridge and all food types such as ; Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Pizza, Toasties, Paninis, Sandwiches or Pre-Cooked Foods (including tin foil food container products) are ensured all round core cooking.

The High Speed Snack Grill Oven Unic is made of heavier materials than industry standards, and it’s 100% hand-made. The grill equipment is digitally controlled to allow for the best cooking performance at the maximum optimization. A user-friendly control panel allows the user to programme different grill plate temperatures and desired cooking times. A display shows set cooking times and temperatures and a built-in timer sounds and flashes when cooking time is complete.

UNIC Grill
Dimensions (L x D x H) mm460 x 400 x 250
Weight (kg)18.5
Maximum power (W)1200
Power upper grill (W)500
Power under gril (W)700
Maximum working temperature (°C)250
Grill surface (L x D) mm300 x 220
Grill coatingTeflon
Heating time (minutes)10
Voltage220 V - 50 Hz

Features & Benefits

Fast – Thanks to two heating elements, a fume-fat-filtering vacuum system and an internal ventilation system, cooking times are considerably reduced.

Temperature Control – The two heating elements homogeneously cover all the working surface of the plates, assuring the same temperature at each point of the plate. Also, thanks to an internal ventilation system, the homogeneity of food is assured. Each food has its own temperature and cooking time. A simple digital board, controlled by an electronic card, allows you to fix the desired temperature and cooking time.

Multi-Functional – Easily adjustable via a simple clutch, the Unic appliance can be used as an oven (to heat pizzas, pre-cooked food, etc) or as a grill (for toast, sandwiches, meat, fish, or vegetables). And using the grill option, it’s also possible to differentiate the temperatures of the plates.

Clean – With the High Speed Snack Grill/Oven Unic, you won’t have to deal with fumes or deposits of fat appearing on the edges of the plates. As the grill is completely closed, fumes and fat are retained by a special aluminium mashed filter, which can be easily removed and washed. The hot and clean air is continuously circulated by a fan, creating an internal ventilation system.

Design – The inferior plate is slightly sloping, and to increase the inclination, the support feet can be adjusted to further slope the unit. A large tray, which can be easily removed and cleaned, retains all the cooking residues and fats in order to simplify the cleaning of the plates. Internally and externally, the unit has a curvilinear shape, helping to avoid deposits of cooking residues and fats, while the magnetized tray enables a perfect closure, giving linearity to the appliance.

Digital – A user-friendly panel board allows you to programme and differentiate the temperature of the plates and the desired cooking times. The cooking controls can be seen on the display, and an audible and visual blinking signals are there to inform uses when a cooking cycle is complete.

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