Alpina Professional Electric Warming Cabinets: Culinary Precision Redefined

Unlock the secret to maintaining culinary perfection with the Alpina Professional Electric Warming Cabinets. Crafted for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike, these cabinets are designed to keep all your dishes flawlessly warm, ensuring they remain above the optimal 65°C core temperature.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Effortless Temperature Mastery: Achieve culinary excellence with precise temperature control, ensuring that your dishes are consistently warm for an extended period.
  2. Seamless Accessibility: Equipped with sliding glass doors on one or both sides, these cabinets offer an ergonomic design for easy access, streamlining your culinary workflow.
  3. Universal Application: Tailored for a variety of culinary settings, from bustling commercial kitchens to catering services, these cabinets are versatile and reliable.
  4. Sustained Allure: Not only do these electric warming cabinets keep your dishes warm, but they also preserve their visual appeal, making them as attractive as when they were first prepared.
  5. Reliability in Action: Engineered for efficiency, these electric cabinets are a dependable solution for keeping a diverse array of dishes warm, contributing to a smooth and efficient culinary operation.
  6. Enhance Your Presentation: Elevate your culinary presentation by serving dishes at their optimal temperature, ensuring that every bite is a delightful experience for your customers or guests.

Unmatched Warmth, Unforgettable Flavors: Invest in the Alpina Professional Electric Warming Cabinets and redefine your culinary experience. Whether you’re running a bustling kitchen or managing a catering service, these cabinets are your key to presenting dishes that are not only warm but also irresistibly appealing. Order now and elevate your culinary prowess!

Opened glass doorOne side openedTwo sides openedOne side openedTwo sides opened
Number of sliding glass doors2436
Dimensions (l x d x h) mm800 x 750 x 700800 x 750 x 7001150 x 750 x 7001150 x 750 x 700
Number of GN 1/1 recepients2233
Power (Watt)1600160024002400

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