Lava grills on gas

The lava grille on gas has V-shape grills and offer features which uniquely benefit the ‘built-in’ concept. The lava rocks spread the heath for an equal and tasty grill result.

The double-skinned sides also contain heat efficiently within the grill, ensuring as little as possible is transmitted to the surrounding construction, or lost to the environment.

The box grill with lava rocks can be stripped out within a couple of minutes, without the use of tools, so that scheduling cleaning and disinfecting in-situ becomes an easy option.

The heavy griddle is milled cast steel, and the controls and flame safety devices are brass. Everything else, including the barbecue grill which is made in a V-shape, channels 80% of the fat into the full-size drip tray in front of the grill. It is solidly made from quality stainless steel, and each model can be placed on a wheelbase with adapted height.

The burners (2-4-6) can be lighted separately, and adjusted to control the grilling process, while there is a separate piezzo electric ignition for each burner. The Lava Rocks can be placed above the flame covered heat exchangers.

Dimensions (L x D x H) mm460 x 650 x 320865 x 650 x 3201270 x 650 x 320
Power (kW)81624
Consumption propane gas (kg/h)0.631.271.91
Consumption natural gas (m²)0.931.862.79
Weight (kg)376596

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