Using the Multi Hog Roast you can cook all sorts of meat or lamb or hog on one to three spits.

The Hog Roast has glass panels on either side of the rotisserie, allowing for a visual display from both sides. The burners are based under the hood where an easily removable tray catches drips at the bottom. Wheeled or static stands are available to allow this rotisserie to be located in different positions if needed, or it can be built onto a permanent position.

The spectacular cooking process is easily visible from the front, and makes this machine extremely profitable! It can be used for big parties and festivals, where guests are able to enjoy the show that the Spit Roast delivers! The powerful infrared burners can be lighted separately for equal roasting of the meat.

When it comes to roasting pigs, no other machine comes close to the Spit Roast.

ModelAlpina P3Alpina P2Alpina 2P1
External dimensions L x D x H (mm)1600 x 700 x 18121600 x 700 x 14001600 x 570 x 700
Power (kW)4530
Capacity (kg)3 x +/-25kg2 x +/-25kg35kg
Length of the rod (mm)120012001200
Number of rods321
Consumption natural gas (m³/h)4.673,121.62
Consumption propane gas (kg/h)3.1972,141,12

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