Gasbarbecues for professionals

Elevate your professional grilling experience with Alpina Gas Barbecues – the epitome of portable, high-performance grilling tailored for culinary experts. Crafted for seasoned grillmasters, these barbecues seamlessly blend a foldable design with an expansive cooking surface, making them the ideal choice for professionals who demand top-tier quality, wherever their culinary adventures take them.

Unparalleled Professional Performance: Alpina Gas Barbecues for professionals deliver unmatched performance that aligns with the expectations of a seasoned chef. Experience potent and precise heat control for preparing gourmet dishes, whether you’re cooking on-site or catering.

Ample Cooking Surface for Larger Groups: Engineered with larger groups and extensive culinary creations in mind, these gas barbecues boast a spacious cooking surface, making them perfect for events and catering where you need to grill for sizable gatherings.

Foldable for Ultimate Transport Convenience: The foldable design sets these gas barbecues apart, providing exceptional portability and easy transport. Whether you’re a professional chef cooking on location or an enthusiastic caterer, these barbecues are your ideal travel companions.

Precise Temperature Control: Retain complete control over your grilling experience with precise temperature control. Adjust the heat to achieve perfection when grilling different types of food, ensuring culinary excellence in every dish.

Durability and Robust Construction: Alpina Gas Barbecues for professionals are built to last. The durable materials and robust construction ensure reliability and consistent performance, even under rigorous usage.

Versatility for Every Occasion: Whether it’s a catering event, a professional outdoor gathering, or a large family reunion, these gas barbecues adapt to every occasion. Push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor cooking.

Impress your guests with the portable professionalism of Alpina Gas Barbecues. Experience the freedom to create a masterful grilling experience at any location, and take your outdoor culinary artistry to new heights with these advanced gas barbecues.

The Alpina Caterer gasbarbecue in action:

Caterer ClassicCavalier ClassicCaterer FestivalCavalier Festival
Dimensions on transport208 x 66 x 19 cm1120 x 660 x 215 mm208 x 66 x 19cm1120 x 660 x 215 mm
Working dimensions171,5 x 66 x 79.4 cm910 x 660 x 850 mm171,5 x 66 x 79,4 cm910 x 660 x 850 mm
Grill dimensions160 x 45.7 cm80 x 45,7 cm160 x 45,7 cm80 x 45,7 cm
Grilling surface7312 cm²3656 cm²7312 cm²3656 cm²
Weight47 kg27kg48 kg28 kg
Gas consumption propane1.45 kg/hour10 kW - 35000 BTu/h1,25 kg/h0,615 kg/h
Recommended gas bottle19 kg propane cylinder13 kg propane cylinder19 kg propane cylinder13 kg propane cylinder
Gas pressure37 mbar (Be - F), 50 mbar (Neth. - Germany)37 mbar37 mbar37 mbar

Practical features include high pressure burners which are unaffected by wind, and legs which resist sinking into soft earth. Added to that, the legs also fold up to protect the control valves, enabling upright and easy storage. Due to its long-standing reputation and durability, The Caterer professional gas barbecue is often referred to as the ‘workhorse of the Industry’.

The Cavalier is half the size of the Caterer, with a single grill operation. However, despite its size, it possesses all the features which have helped make our range of professional gas barbecues so popular. And what’s more, The Cavalier can turn out sixteen well-done 8oz steaks every eight minutes, and is designed for continuous operation.

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The Universal Griddle

The Universal Griddle is a 6mm thick, cooking grade aluminium plate with lipped edges. It can be used on all the BBQ range and completely covers the cooking surface of the Cavalier. For larger scale catering on the Caterer and Hotelier models, it will slide to either side, cleaning the grill by reflected heat as it goes whilst continuing to cook.

The Griddle is perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms or onions and greatly increases the versatility of the barbecue.

Gastronorm Pans / Pan Support

These 1/1 100mm deep pans with lids are fully annealed to prevent distortion on heating and jamming during storage. Two of these pans fit into the Pan Support.

This heavy Gastronormpan-frame fits on the Cavalier and the Caterer. The frame can be secured on both end pieces of the BBQ.

“Gastronorm pans not included”

Frequently asked questions about gas barbecues

What is the main benefit?

The main benefit of The Caterer is its portability. You can literally fold it up and take it anywhere! Folded up, the Caterer’s dimensions are 82″ x 26″, and incredibly, just 7.5 inches flat. The Cavalier dimensions are 44″ x 26″ x 8.5″ for easy transport.
High-spec design coupled with high-quality materials give you a massive 1134 sq inch cooking area and a weight of 97 lbs for The Caterer. And this same quality is maintained on the half-sized, Cavalier unit, which has a 567 square inch cooking area, and weighs in at only 51 lbs.

Will it last, and what about spare parts?

There is a Lifetime Warranty on the burners, and the firebox and grill are constructed with high-grade stainless steel. Through the benefit of CE-certification, all gas parts are listed and available by overnight post.

Why no wheels?

Rather than use wheels, these gas barbecues benefit from legs, which are designed to prevent the barbecue from sinking into damp earth or sand, and also serve to protect the ends of the grill when folded. The legs also enable the barbecue to be stored upright – a real space saver. It may look pretty, but this is a tough, practical, portable grill!

How hot does it get?

Another major benefit of these gas barbecues is that the combustion is re-circulated inside the firebox, permitting a rapid build up of intense heat as more food covers the grill. This also keeps the chef cool, as wasteful heat is not directed into his or her face.

What size gas tank can I use, and how long will it last?

The Caterer is designed for a 10.5 or 18kg propane gas cylinder. The Cavalier is designed for a 10.5kg propane gas bottle and will last for over 12 hours at full rate! And the unique re-circulating heat design of the grills means that they’re very economical to run.

How do you clean it?

Our professional gas barbecues have a great labour-saving benefit. The firebox acts like a self-cleaning oven – most units never have their grill top lifted during their entire working life! When a metal sheet pan is placed on the grill (AFTER lighting), it will increase the heat and convert the carbon particles to a dry, powdery ash, similar to the process of a self-cleaning oven.
The flat griddle accessory is perfect as a cleaning tool as it covers the grill area and allows just the right amount of ventilation, so any residue on the cooking surface will also convert to a powdery ash that can be easily brushed away. A simple wipe-down of the grilling surface is all that is required. Removal of the grilling surface is unnecessary, except for major servicing.

Will the grill surface warp?

The stainless steel grilling surface will never, ever develop a permanent twist or warp. The long sided edges are also slightly higher than the centre in order to discourage food from sliding away from the chef.

How does it work?

Two long burners enter the grill from either end and run centrally to meet each other in the middle. The burners flame out of both sides of a V-shaped and channelled stainless steel heat exchanger, which also carries the flames to the outer edges of the firebox. There is no lava rock, reducing the weight and dirt considerably, and conveniently, the grill won’t fall into pieces whichever way up it is moved.

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