Professional grill on gas with lava rocks

The Professional grill on gas with lava rocks is a high-quality and easy to use chargrill, fully stainless steel manufactured. Ideal for steaks, spare ribs, and all other pieces of meat.

Practical Features & Benefits

  • All units are fully stainless steel manufactured.
  • The grill top which is made in a V-shape, channels 80% of the fat into the full-size drip tray in front of the grill.
  • The burners (2-4 or 6) can be lighted separately, and adjusted to control the grilling process, while there is a separate piezzo electric ignition for each burner. The Lava Rocks can be placed above the flame covered heat exchangers.
  • Cooking heat reached in less than 5 minutes
  • High capacity and fast cooking times, resulting in greater profits
  • Reliable and durable – still going strong after 20 years!
  • Economical to run
Dimensions460 x 650 x 320 mm865 x 650 x 320 mm1270 x 650 x 320 mm
Number of burners246
Power8 kW16 kW24 kW
Weight37 kg64 kg96 kg
Gas consumption propane0,63 kg/h1,27 kg/h1,91 kg/h
Gas consumption natural gas0,93 m³/h1,86 m³/h2,79 m³/h

The Professional grill on gas has very powerful burners with sophisticated control valves with flame-failure security devices for safe working.


The Universal Griddle

The stainless steel Griddle is a 4mm thick plate with lipped edges and handles. It can be placed on the grill instead of one grill side. It is perfect to cook eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms or onions and greatly increases the versatility of the grill.

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