Alpina Professional Gas Salamander Grill: Elevate Your Culinary Experience

Experience culinary excellence with the Alpina Professional Gas Salamander Grill, a masterpiece of grilling technology. This grill takes your gastronomic journey to new heights, where versatility and performance converge in a sleek design.

Compelling Features:

  1. Adjustable Height Grill Surface: Easily adjust the height of the grill surface, providing optimal control over the distance between the food and the heat source. Achieve perfect texture and flavor every time.
  2. Individually Adjustable Burners: Enjoy unparalleled versatility by individually adjusting the burners. This allows you to create different cooking zones, ensuring perfect heat control for various culinary creations.
  3. Fully Crafted from Stainless Steel: The Salamander Grill is a masterpiece with its entirely stainless steel construction. This high-quality material not only ensures exceptional durability but also presents a professional look suitable for any culinary environment.

Why Choose the Alpina Grill?

  • Advanced Height Adjustment: The ability to adjust the grill surface height makes this grill perfect for a wide variety of dishes. From delicate fish fillets to juicy steaks, always achieve the ideal grilling height.
  • Ultimate Heat Control: With individually adjustable burners, you have total control over heat distribution. This allows you to simultaneously prepare different ingredients without compromising on quality.
  • Sleek Design and Robust Durability: The sleek and professional stainless steel design adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Enjoy durable performance and outstanding reliability in an appliance with an elegant design.

Discover limitless culinary possibilities with the Alpina Professional Gas Salamander Grill. Opt for innovation, versatility, and uncompromising performance for your gastronomic adventures.

L x D x H (mm)730 x 540 x 7001000 x 540 x 7001370 x 540 x 700
Grill surface (L x D mm)400 x 320750 x 3201120 x 320
Power (kW)71421
Number of burners246
Gas consumption propane (kg/h)0.561.121.67
Gas consumption natural gas (m³/h)0.811.622.44
Voltage (V)///
Weight (kg)253550

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