Streetwok: Revolutionize Your Culinary Experience

Discover the Streetwok, a gas-powered professional wok burner that sets a new standard in culinary innovation. With a groundbreaking wok burner, powerful heat output, and a unique ‘flowerhead’ design, the Streetwok is your recipe for success in the kitchen.

Key Features:

  1. New Breakthrough Wok Burner: Experience a culinary revolution with the Streetwok’s cutting-edge wok burner technology. It brings a new level of efficiency and precision to your cooking.
  2. Powerful Heat Output (16 kW): Maximize the speed of service and profitability with the Streetwok’s impressive 16 kW heat output. Achieve the perfect cooking temperature swiftly for exceptional results.
  3. Portable, Dependable & Easily Set-Up: Take your culinary skills on the road. The Streetwok’s portable and dependable design ensures you can set up quickly and start cooking with ease, wherever you go.
  4. Unique ‘Flowerhead’ Design with Innovative Multi-Head Power Delivery: Stand out with the Streetwok’s patented ‘flowerhead’ design, visually striking and functionally superior. The innovative multi-head power delivery ensures efficient heat distribution for consistent cooking results.
  5. Low Pressure, Quiet Flame: Operating on low pressure, the Streetwok delivers a powerful yet quiet cooking experience. Enjoy the benefits of a controlled flame that enhances your culinary journey.
  6. CE Approved and Safety Compliant: Cooking with confidence. The Streetwok is CE-approved and meets stringent safety standards, prioritizing your safety in the kitchen.

Why Choose Streetwok?

  • Speed and Profitability: The Streetwok’s 16 kW heat output accelerates the cooking process, allowing for more efficient operations and increased profitability.
  • Portability and Dependability: Whether you’re in a professional kitchen or at an outdoor event, the Streetwok’s portable and reliable design adapts to your culinary environment.
  • Innovative Technology for Consistent Results: The ‘flowerhead’ design and multi-head power delivery ensure even heat distribution, resulting in consistently perfect culinary creations.

Elevate your cooking experience with Streetwok. Embrace innovation, power, and portability in one professional-grade wok burner. Choose Streetwok and redefine your culinary journey.


The StreetWok LP20 introduces new technology to an ancient method of cooking, introducing a high power, easy to use, portable wok burner for outdoor events. Our patented ‘flower head’ burner array softens the heat and spreads it around the base of the wok pan, avoiding the difficult ‘hot spot’ and reduces actual cooking times.

Asian flavours are bursting out of oriental kitchens and into pubs and onto Street Food markets. The StreetWok LP20 makes outdoor Asian cooking possible and unlocks fresh potential for summer profits.

✔ Portability.

✔ Attracts customers for faster profits.

✔ Sturdy, durable design from Cinders.

✔ ‘Flower head’ array spreads heat for even cooking.

✔ Powerful and dependable. Multiple burners increase reliability.

✔ Pilot burner design offers total main burner shut down and instant re-light.

✔ Large control knob with variable settings.

✔ Economic 10.6 hours from one 19kg cylinder, at 37mbar full rate.


The TrailerWok LP7 embodies all the benefits of the StreetWok LP20, but at a more leisurely pace. Intended specifically for trailers and build-ups, the sixteen ‘flower head’ burner array has been compacted to six central burners which throw less heat at the wok pan whilst still providing ‘show cooking’ to attract and delight customers.

We recommend a minimum 15” wok pan, as the TrailerWok LP7 is in all respects still a professional and profitable wok burner !

✔ Easily transferred from trailer to tent.

✔ Attracts customers for faster profits.

✔ Sturdy, durable design from Cinders.

✔ Dependable, as multiple burners mean reliability.

✔ Pilot burner design offers total main burner shut down and instant re-light.

✔ Large control knob with variable settings.

✔ Economic 23 hours from one 13kg cylinder, at 37mbar full rate.

Weight (kg)1716
Optimum wok size (mm)380 - 500380 - 500
Total heat input16kW net (17kW gross) at 37mbar / 18kW net (20kW gross) at 50mbar7kW net (7.75kW gross) at 37mbar / 7.75kW net (8.5kW gross) at 50mbar
Total propane consumption1.225 kg/hr at 37mbar / 1.45 kg/hr at 50mbar0.56 kg/hr at 37mbar / 0.62 kg/hr at 50mbar
Recommended gas supply19 kg propane cylinder13 kg propane cylinder
Input pressure37 mbar regulator37 mbar regulator

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