WeGrill Pro is a professional infrared broiler on gas which cooks with heat from above, equipped with adjustable-height cooking grid. No smoke or smell !

Broiler is the New Grill

Designed and produced to offer grill professionals the very best service.
The WeGrill is a professional infrared grill with immense potential. WeGrill is ideal for restaurants or other venues wishing to improve the quality of their offering and services. Its versatility makes it ideal for Food Trucks, Snack-Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Caterers and Cafés,
enabling them to offer a rich, tasty menu.
The heart of the WeGrill broiler lies in its powerful ceramic burners, capable of heating to 850° and reproducing the infrared radiation typical of the best embers.

Dimensions660 x 622 x 584 mm984 x 619 x 583 mm965 x 705 x 666 mm
Grid dimensions387 x 374 mm712 x 374 mm680 x 500 mm
Structure304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
Gas typeNatural gas or LPGNatural gas or LPGNatural gas or LPG
Cooking gridRemovable, height-adjustableRemovable, height-adjustableRemovable, height-adjustable
Warm-up time2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes
Drip trayRemovableRemovableRemovable
Burner1 infrared2 infrared3 infrared
Burner temperature850 °C850 °C850 °C
Gas consumption460 g/hour 7 kw810 g/hour 14 kw1380 g/hour 21 kw
Weight48 kg68 kg106 kg

Our Vision

To understand the first principles of successful grilling and make them available to all. “Grilling” is not an isolated stage in a recipe, but finds its a “raison d’etre” in a “production chain”, which starts with the purchase of the raw materials and passes through various transformation steps to cooking, where all the previous hard work is brought to fruition.

The Wegrill Broiler System

It is the perfect conclusion to the production chain on which a professional must inevitably focus, whether performed using powerful gas burners or the innovative E-Master Broiler quartz lamp system.

Not just a Broiler

In keeping with the finest “Grilling” tradition, WeGrill has selected outstanding producers to offer a range of barbecues and broilers that prioritise user-friendliness, energy optimisation and cooking performances.

WeGrill Barbecue

Traditional ember cooking systems constructed entirely in 304 steel, where the design of the ember tray and a special aeration system guarantees fewer flames and less smoke during cooking, alongside optimised ember output in time and performance terms.

WeGrill Hornos

Broiling is the long-standing central method of Spanish grill houses and is becoming a common feature of restaurants worldwide. WeGrill presents a range of broilers enabling you to combine conventional grilling with traditional oven functions.

The production Chain

We met with professional butchers to find out how the choice of excellent raw materials is fundamental for end results and ensures that they are appreciated by our guests. This led to different partnerships, where sector professionals can share knowledge and experience about the early stages of the production chain. However, quality raw material alone does not guarantee results ; it must be managed and transformed in ways which bring out all its specific features and excellence, in compliance with procedures and regulations which safeguard food safety.