WeGrill Pro is a professional infrared grill on gas which cooks with heat from above, equipped with adjustable-height cooking grid. No smoke or smell !

The Pro Line is designed and produced to offer grill professionals the very best service.

WeGrill Pro is a professional grill intended for the horeca industry. WeGrill has great potential but does not need large spaces. WeGrill is ideal for restaurants or other venues wishing to improve the quality of their offering and services.

What’s more, WeGrill Pro’s versatility makes it ideal for Food Trucks, Snack-Bars, Pubs and Cafés, enabling them to offer a rich, tasty menu.

Pro SPro MPro M++
Dimensions660 x 622 x 584 mm984 x 619 x 583 mm965 x 705 x 666 mm
Grid dimensions387 x 374 mm712 x 374 mm680 x 500 mm
Structure304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
Gas typeNatural gas or LPGNatural gas or LPGNatural gas or LPG
Cooking gridRemovable, height-adjustableRemovable, height-adjustableRemovable, height-adjustable
Warm-up time2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes
Drip trayRemovableRemovableRemovable
Burner1 infrared2 infrared3 infrared
Burner temperature850 °C850 °C850 °C
Gas consumption460 g/hour 7 kw810 g/hour 14 kw1380 g/hour 21 kw
Weight48 kg68 kg106 kg

The WeGrill is a unique infrared grill on gas. It is the only one that does what it does in the way it does it.
WeGrill can be used both inside and outside the home because it does not produce smoke or unpleasant smells. This is thanks to the special infrared gas burners and their position above the food.
WeGrill reproduces the effect of an Italian-style charcoal barbecue, cooking by irradiation and able to reach a temperature of 850° Celsius. The WeGrill gas grill reduces cooking times and brings out foods’ flavour and genuine goodness, with tasty, healthy, succulent results, thanks to rapid searing which seals all the liquids and juices inside the food.
WeGrill grill can cook meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and pizza. Ideal for cooking au gratin, toasting or even frying. With WeGrill, you can achieve cooking results beyond your wildest dreams.
The sun’s energy, like that of a red hot ember, is transmitted by irradiation. WeGrill’s infrared technology works on the same principle, since each ceramic