Specific Ovens

Specific ovens / grills for specific preparation of delicious dishes and used by professionals in fast food, restaurant, hotels, bars, etc.. The Alpina ovens combine innovative technology and unique design with ease of use.

Alpina High Speed Snack Grill Oven Unic

High Speed Snack Grill Oven Unic The High Speed Snack Grill Oven Unic is suitable for a wide range of potential users, from home owners, schools and caterers, to bars, restaurants, bars and country clubs. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The High Speed Snack Grill Oven Unic is made of heavier materials than industry standards, and it's 100% hand-made. [...]

Alpina Pizza oven

Pizza oven Your pizza oven on gas heats up very fast: ideal to get through a busy shift. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); And do you need to go even faster? Then you can simply choose to get the model with 2 decks. These kind of pizza ovens can handle larger quantities and keep a higher temperature without [...]

Alpina Potato oven

Professional potato oven Alpina The Alpina professional potato oven is entirely made of stainless steel, works on gas or electric, and is especially designed for baking a batch of potatoes. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); Specifications gas/electric Capacity: 60 Power 3,5 kW Weight: 60 – 61,5 kg Ask a quote Alpina PZG - gasAlpina PZE - electrischDimensions (l x [...]