Deep steam cleaning

Alpina’s boilerless steam engines powerfully apply steam. Their low water consumption makes the steam cleaners durable and eco-friendly. Thanks to their significant capacity, the steam engines are well-suited for industrial applications.

Boilerless technology is generally safer since there is no explosion risk due to cracks or leaks. The 60-second warm-up time facilitates working as well as refilling your cleaner. The applied steam varies from dry to very dry for all types of cleaning.

Steam cleaner applications: different industries

Cars, buses, motorcycles and motorboats

Alpina’s carwash machines are easy to move arounbd and can be used in car repair shops and companies. The application extends to other electric vehicles too.

Food processing & breweries

Boilerless steam engines are suitable for cleaning in the food industry and breweries. Steam appliances are ecological and easily kill bacteria in hard-to-reach places.

HVAC cleaning & solar panel cleaning

Steam appliances also come in handy when you want to clean HVAC installations a thoroughly. Some examples are filters, air conditioning and solar panels.

Residential & outdoor cleaning

Alpina’s steam appliances can be used to remove graffiti and paint from walls. Cleaning carpets and removing chewing gum will also be a piece of cake.

Weed control in urban environments

Steam appliances are not only suitable for removing bacteria, chemicals, dust and dirt, but they also facilitate weed removal from stone or concrete.

Cleaning of medical equipment

Thanks to its high temperature setting, steam kills stubborn bacteria. For this reason, steam cleaners are suitable for the medical world. Think of wheelchairs and stretchers.

Why suitable for companies?

Minimum investment: no large capital and no shop or office needed

Space-saving: steam machines are compact and mobile

Environmentally friendly: no disposal required

Easy to use: no special skills required

Alpina’s steam cleaners: electric or diesel powered

Electric steam cleaner

Powered by electricity grid
6 bar steam pressure
9 litres water tank capacity

Diesel steam cleaner

Propulsion via diesel
2 x 8 bar steam pressure
24 litres water tank capacity

The Alpina Steamcleaner in action

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