Gas Grills

Alpina presents a range of gas grills with various professional applications. Innovative technology combined with an original design and ease of use of each machine.

Alpina Lava Grills

Lava grills on gas The lava grille on gas has V-shape grills and offer features which uniquely benefit the 'built-in' concept. The lava rocks spread the heath for an equal and tasty grill result. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The double-skinned sides also contain heat efficiently within the grill, ensuring as little as possible is transmitted to the [...]

Alpina Salamander Grills

Salamander Grills This Alpina salamander grills is a culinary utensil characterized by very high overhead  temperature powered with electric infrared heating elements or by gasburners. An essential tool for any busy commercial kitchen, salamander grills are ideal for grilling sandwiches, vegetables or meat, quickly and efficiently. Our quality salamander grills are versatile and durable.  Our [...]

Alpina Hog Roast

Hog Roast Designed for continuous operation at all kinds of events, this proven showpiece product will turn heads, as well as large profits! jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); From the aluminium roof, to the large five inch castors beneath the rustic wooden tray, the Alpina Hog Roast is a superbly designed product. The toughened see-through panels rise effortlessly [...]

Alpina Spit Roast

Spit Roast The Spit Roast models are fantastic, multi-purpose rotisseries. They have the capacity to cook lamb, suckling pigs, small pigs and large joints of meat or poultry on one main spit, or chickens and smaller joints on the chicken spits. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The Spit Roast has glass panels on either side of the rotisserie, [...]

Alpina Multi Hog Roast

Multi Hog Roast A very attractive multi-purpose rotisserie, the Multi Hog Roast has been specially designed for the roasting of two or three suckling pigs, lambs and piglets. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); The spectacular cooking process is easily visible from the front, and makes this machine extremely profitable! It can be used for big parties and festivals, [...]