Free standing infrared heater

The free standing infrared heater is an electric patio & garden heater which is hugely popular amongst our commercial clients who have found it to be a very effective customer retention tool. Of course the free standing infrared heater can be used by private users too, indoors or outdoors.

Technical Specifications

  • Stunning contemporary slimline design which stands 165cm tall – ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies and garages.
  • Robust all metal design.
  • Uses a standard 220 – 240V electric supply – no heavy gas cylinders to carry or refill. – just plug in to a suitable 220-240V weatherproof outdoor socket or PowerSpike IP55 extension lead.
  • Coming soon in 2012 for USA / Canada / Japan as a 100-120V version with CETLUS approval.
  • IPX5 weatherproof design – zipped cover is supplied for additional weatherproof protection.
  • Uses latest carbon fibre heating technology to produce ‘far infrared heat’ for a pleasant deep penetrating heat.
  • Instant heat with two heat settings – 1480W / 2960W – the elements are easily replaceable & designed to last 8,000 hours.
  • Effective heating area of up to 5 meters at 110 degree angle.
  • No harmful fumes unlike most gas patio heaters.

The stunning contemporary slimline design makes the electric heater ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies, smoking areas and garages. It’s robust all metal design is suitable for domestic and commercial use such as pubs, clubs and bars.

Customers stay for longer, and purchase more food and drink when they are kept warm and comfortable. Many of our pub, bar and cafe clients have commented that since placing the Electric Heater on their premises, their customers have been attracted to it like moths to a flame, and have stayed for much longer as a result.

Our solution for all seasons

We all yearn to enjoy those long warm evenings in our gardens or want to socialise at the pub outside in relative comfort. Unfortunately the weather does not always allow us to do so, therefore we have the perfect solution. Stylish patio heaters which will keep everyone warm, even after the sun has gone down and the snow is on the ground. Our patio heaters provide Far Infra-Red heating; the only form of heat which does not blow away, enabling you to enjoy the tranquility of your patio or garden throughout the year.

Total Power (Watt)2960296029602960
Total Height (mm)1520169019001900
Diameter base (mm)500500500500
Cable length (m)5555
Weight (kg)20,921,82424
Packing (cm)155x33x29,5176x33x29,5197x33x29,5197x33x29,5

Delicious heating for indoor and outdoor

  • Safety tip-over & Auto reset thermal cut-off devices.
  • Switchable PIR economy feature – enables the patio heater to automatically switch itself on and off depending on peoples proximity to the unit.
  • Substantial base with roller and grab handle for easy mobility.
  • Includes magnetic remote control that attaches to side of the unit.
  • The chrome grille protects the elements and does not get dangerously hot to the touch.
  • 3 layer car finish lacquered paint for long lasting protection.

Why Carbon Fibre heating tubes?

Electric carbon fibre short wave patio heaters produce radiant heat like the sun, (without harmful UV) warming people and objects and not the air in between, producing the only form of heat that will not blow away. This makes them ideal for any draughty areas like workshops, warehouses, pubs, clubs, restaurants, in fact anywhere that requires targeted heating both inside and out.

All you need to do with this heater is plug it in! Then behold a stylish, safe and totally superior product that will soon become a much loved product in your garden.

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Benefits of our outdoor heating solutions

Low running costs

Over 90% of the energy is converted directly to radiant heat which is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted on heating thin air. The heat is also unaffected by the level of wind. All our heaters produce safe infrared radiant energy that is remarkably efficient and cost effective to run. Element lifespan is unaffected by the use of motion sensors, meaning that the heaters can be designed to operate only when customers are present, resulting in huge savings.

Increase your profits

The Mural Infrared Outdoor Heaters increase profits through more frequent use of your outdoor dining and drinking areas later into the evening and all year round. Keep your outdoor customers cosy and warm, or risk losing them to a more comfortable venue.


All Heaters are constructed from Marine Grade stainless steel and special composite alloy, providing outstanding resistance against corrosion – an important feature for humid climates or coastal areas.

Maintenance free

The Quartz Infrared Heaters have no moving parts, no serviceable parts and best of all no more annoying Gas bottles to refill! The Quartz elements have on average 6000 hour lifespan.


The Mural Heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared energy. In addition, Infrared heaters emit no harmful ultraviolet rays or emissions, making them the perfect choice for heating large outdoor areas in bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants where safety of patrons and general public is a priority.

Environmentally friendly

There is a distinct possibility that gas heaters will be banned due to the high level of CO2 emitted. Electric heaters emit no harmful carbon emissions thus offering a safe and green alternative.

Wall mounted

Since there are no open flames or carbon monoxide emissions mounting clearances are minimal. In fact, the infrared can be recessed into a ceiling, or even mounted close to sail cloth and awnings. This also means that your valuable patio space is not taken up with cumbersome heaters.

Three times greater

Alpina heaters are much larger than most rival products, measuring up to 156cm in length. One alfresco heater will do the job of three regular heaters.

Energy efficiency

94% of the energy is converted to heat. The use of 98% pure aluminium reflectors, polished to a mirror finish is a crucial element of the design of our heaters, amplifying the energy emitted significantly while keeping running costs low.


Our heaters turn cold indoor and outdoor spaces into comfortable inviting spaces, all year round.

Warmth targeting

Our heaters produce safe infra red radiant heat that is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air.