Gas outdoor patio heater Falo

One of our most popular designs, the Falò is the market leader in portable outdoor gas heating, allowing you to enjoy the delights of al fresco socialising and dining, all year round.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used all-year round: for warmth in the cooler months, or as an ambient gas flare for the summer
  • Will light up in all weather conditions, without the hassles and dangers of firing it up with matches or lighters
  • Ignition can be via infrared remote control or manual switch
  • Radiates warmth in a circle of up to 25m² coverage
  • Infrared remote control – only one remote required for multiple units
  • Adjustable heat control with three settings
  • Durable and weather resistant, thanks to aluminium, powder coated metal and stainless steel construction
  • Will arrive assembled at your premises
  • Comes with a two year factory guarantee
  • Height: 2 models: 2m 11 or 2m 36
  • Diameter reflection hood: 85 cm
  • Power: 12 KW
Gas Heater Falo
Gas Heater Falo
Gas Heater Falo

Safe ‘n’ Sound

The gas outdoor patio heater Falo is the safest on the market, and has passed the most stringent testing in Europe, the USA, Australia and Africa. All of our heaters have been (and always will be) individually tested, gas certified and CE-approved.

Despite its height, the gas outdoor patio heater Falo is also incredibly stable. The heater, together with a full 10.5kg gas bottle, weighs over 40kg. And since the widest part is at the bottom, the heater has a low centre of gravity. As a result, it won’t topple over as easily as a mushroom heater. In the event that the Falo is knocked over accidentally, it has an inbuilt safety “tip-over” switch that will disconnect the unit from the gas supply.

Similarly, the gas outdoor patio heater Falo has “flame failure” protection as standard. This means that if the gas flame is blown out or extinguished, the gas supply will be automatically disconnected.

Furthermore, you needn’t worry about your little ones getting burned by the flames. The glass in which the flame dances is protected by a special alloy grid which does not heat up, so it can be touched without any danger. Perfect when children are present.

Design Appeal

The gas outdoor patio heater Falo makes a wonderful addition to any outdoor commercial environment. Not only does it generate more heat at lower costs, it’s also an attractive feature, too. Boasting an elegant and functional design, the Falò serves as a beautiful centrepiece, and is often used on commercial premises as a decorative tool to attract customers, as well as being utilised for its practical, heating benefits.

Every stage of the design process has taken both aesthetics and functionality into consideration, fusing the two together to make an attractive, yet powerful and energy efficient heater.

The gas bottle, for example, is hidden inside a compartment and out of view, and together with the triangular design, ensures that the unit looks more ornamental than most traditional outdoor heaters. It also comes with a remote control, allowing the owner or the guests to adjust the heat quickly and easily, without the need for anyone to walk up to it and manually change the settings.

Furthermore, multiple gas outdoor patio heater Falo units can be lit using the one infrared remote control unit, which sports three separate heat settings.

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