Infrared patio heater Helios

The Athena is a freestanding infrared patio heater suitable for commercial (catering, terraces, open indoor spaces) and private use. Thanks to its stunning finish and its handy music and video player, it scores in every setting. Can also be used as a heater for promotional actions.

Elegant heater with music and media player

The elegant Athena model provides a perfect combination of lifestyle and comfort for both indoor and outdoor use. Terrace, balcony, garage, event, café or restaurant: the Athena provides a comfortable feeling and a pleasant warm atmosphere. The slim, attractive metal housing (190 cm) is weatherproof and durable. The patented carbon fibre heating elements generate comfortable heat in an environmentally friendly way, with low consumption costs. The Athena is also equipped with a built-in music player with an LCD screen that you can easily control via bluetooth and wifi. The built-in USB port allows you to easily store music in the heater’s memory. All this makes Athena the ideal partner for a pleasant atmosphere.

User-friendly infrared heating

With a height of 190 cm and a heating angle of 110°, Athena can effectively heat rooms of up to 30 m². Infrared rays do not heat the furniture or objects in your environment but immediately penetrate your body. This way the heat doesn’t blow away under the influence of the wind. The Athena freestanding heater is delivered ready to use. You don’t have to assemble anything yourself. Thanks to the wheels on the bottom, you can easily move the heater. With the remote control, you can easily regulate the temperature.

Focus on sustainability and innovation

The heater made of stainless steel can withstand heavy rain, snow or splashes, and is therefore suitable for commercial use. It is also equipped with LED lighting that can withstand high temperatures. This lighting is mounted on top of the heater. Athena is also equipped with a passive infrared savings function (PIR) that automatically switches off the heating after 4 minutes without movement in the projection area.