Luxury patio heater Lightfire

The Luxury patio heater Lightfire is an Outdoor Heater on gas with visible flame for decorative effect. It is the newest innovation in flame heating. This model has a completely new shape, showing an open flame even as a warm LED light in the bottom, making it an unique design heater.

Propane gas bottleFrom 5 to 15kg
Power Max/Min (kW)12 / 6,4
Weight (kg)28
Dimensions (mm)558 x 2280
IgnitionOff, min & max
Flame failure deviceThermocouple
Gas consumption G30/G31 (kg/h)0,872
Heater Lightfire Table
Heater Lightfire
Heater Lightfire

Luxury patio heater Lightfire on gas

The  Luxury patio heater Lightfire is for outdoor heating. It comes with a 12kW burner, manual or electronic inflamed with remote control.

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