Steam cleaners for residents

Despite high powered vacuum cleaners, the Alpina steam vapor systems can help you deep clean almost any surface in your home-even the places that are inaccessible to all, but steam. All this without toxic chemicals.

Remove dirt and hidden germs in every area of your house

  • Floor cleaning
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Car cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom
  • Windows
  • Upholstery and mattresses
  • Outdoor cleaning

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Carpets & Rugs

Freshen and deodorize carpets, rugs and mats and leave no chemical residue behind. Remove spots from spills, pet urine, chewing gum, even the existing toxic residue from traditional cleaning. Plus, heat sanitizes without over-wetting, so carpets dry in less than 15 minutes.

Floor cleaning

Ceramic tile floors, baseboards, hardwood and vinyl floors can be easily cleaned without getting on your hands and knees. No chemical residue is left behind and no caustic chlorine compounds coat the surface where kids and pets spend much of their time.

Walls & Ceilings

With the Steam Cleaning System, You can clean and freshen walls and ceilings without resorting to stools and ladders, or having to stoop and bend to clean lower areas. No need for drop clothes to cover surrounding furniture or equipment, or messy, heavy water buckets. The process is mess free, quiet and fast. Very quick to dry as well. Ideal for pre-paint cleaning, dust and mold removal.

Kitchen Cleaning

Because of plenty of moisture and organic material lying about, your kitchen is a notorious playground for germs. The steam system kills mold and mildew on contact with the high temperature. Thoroughly clean ovens, ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators, inside and out-without heavy scrubbing. Sanitize hard surfaces while removing dust, grease, grime and carbon. Remove residue from corners and crevices and target the source of contamination.


With steam, you keep your bathroom better than hospital-clean without harsh chlorine or ammonia! Sanitize and deodorize your toilets, tile, grout, baseboards and vinyl floors. Get mirrors and glass to sparkle! Thoroughly clean vents, bathtubs, slow moving drains, fiber glass shower stalls, aluminium and chrome.

Upholstery and mattresses

Freshen, deodorize, and brighten upholstered surfaces, remove spots, kill germs and dust mites in mattresses, remove pet hair and kill fleas and their eggs. Sanitize everything in a baby’s nursery without harmful chemicals and detergents. Kill germs on toy surfaces, even stuffed animals!


Clean windows, window tracks, mirrors, window screens, window frames, latches, and different type blinds.


Our revolutionary steam system also has many non-cleaning applications. You can defrost freezers, thaw frozen pipes, dust and mist live plants, and polish jewelry, to name just a few. Bigger machines can be used for weed control.

Outdoor cleaning

Remove fresh oil spots and spills on your driveway. Kill weeds & moss in pavement cracks without chemicals or pollutants. Clean tools, small equipment, sporting equipment, and outdoor decks, too. Remove algae and fungus from wood or metal and oxidation from aluminium. It’s also great for pre-paint prep work. Great on boats, bikes and motorcycles, too.

Car Washing

For car valeting services, a steam cleaning car wash machine is an absolute must! Not only will it cut the length of time it takes to do the job, it will also save you money as you won’t need any more chemical cleaning products. You’ll be able to steam clean the inside and outside of all vehicles, including the floors, mats, windows, mirrors and upholstery, and they’ll be completely dry in minutes.

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Steam cleaning against germs and allergies

We’re well aware that many people have problems with allergies that are caused by chemicals, as well as dust mites and fleas. In that case steam cleaners are a save solution for you.

No toxic chemicals but high temperatures

Firstly, let’s consider the problems caused by dust mites and other pests, which live in carpets, clothes, mattresses and upholstery, leading to allergies and other health problems. The recommended treatment for dust mites is to launder the item in water at a temperature of at least 95°C. However, this may be difficult to do with carpets, couches and mattresses, and certainly your best suit or coat, which is probably the most highly contaminated.

And here, steam cleaning comes to the rescue, because it provides you with a way of penetrating all of these surfaces thoroughly, with temperatures in excess of 140°C. This intense heat kills the mites without getting the surfaces too wet, and the items treated are completely dry in a matter of minutes.

Combined vacuum cleaner

After treating a surface, it’s also recommended that you vacuum it thoroughly. And this is where one of our steam cleaners WITH vacuum function comes in…

After the steam cleaning, just put the machine on vacuum, and you can vacuum up any residue or dirt. Fleas and their eggs are also killed by short-term exposure to high temperature heat, carried by fine vapour reaching into the pores and pockets of fabric, carpets and mattresses. And the great thing is, there are no poisons left that might affect children, pets or indoor air quality.

No risk for any allergies

Because this system uses only pure, healthy water, you are not introducing anything into your environment that has chemicals or odours which may affect your wellbeing; allergies or otherwise. Using vapour cleaning will actually remove chemical residuals left behind from previous cleaning methods, as well as remove odours such as perfumes from garments and other fabrics.

In addition, using steam provides you with a means to sanitize many critical surfaces which are important to your health without using toxic germicides. (However, if you suffer from chronic and severe chemical allergies, you should be sure to have someone else do the actual work for you, particularly during the initial clean-up.)

Because steam cleaning even reaches into the pores of fabric and other hard surfaces, it will drive out contaminates and chemical residue from those surfaces. This is why hospitals and nursing homes love to use steam cleaning. It’s a natural and ecological method of deep cleaning, removing chemical and toxicity resistance without the need for solvents.

No other methods of cleaning are more efficient at killing mites, viruses and bacteria, which has made this technology highly sought after amongst the health care, food and hospitality industries, to name just a few.