Steam Cleaners for Retailers

Bakeries, butchers, caterers, but also supermarkets, have a wide variety of cleaning chores well suited to dry steam cleaning. Our steam cleaners are now in widespread use in many retail shops all over Europe.

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Steam cleaning in supermarkets

High customer traffic brings the need for regular and complete cleaning of a wide variety of areas and surfaces. Previously difficult to clean areas are more easily cleaned and sanitised at the same time. Spills can be cleaned quickly with no mess or contamination left behind, and display cases, refrigerators, shelves and isles can be thoroughly cleaned with ease.

Steam cleaning for butchers

Cutting tables, cutting boards, sinks and display cases will all be left sparkling clean and free of bacterial, viral and chemical contamination.

Steam cleaning in bakeries

Ovens, baking trays and racks, floors, hoods, display cases and preparation areas can all be deep-cleaned and sanitized in one simple process.

Steam cleaning for deli

Displays, floors, walls, food preparation areas, refrigerators, freezers, counters and food service areas can all be cleaned, sanitised and deodorised in a matter of minutes. Supermarkets can now save time and money, while achieving much better results than before. And by using steam, rather than chemicals, you’ll be creating a cleaner and healthier a cleaner environment for you, your staff and your customers.

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