Alpina has a complete range of professional chicken rotisseries on gas, with double row technology for high capacity.

The Alpina-1U model is a mini rotisserie with small dimensions, for the cooking of 6-8 chickens. It has a supplementary grill below, to keep the cooked chickens warm. The burners are in the top of the rotisserie. Very nice small machine, fully manufactured in stainless steel.

Technical features :

  • Thermal power : 7kW
  • Propane gas consumption : 0,49kg/h
  • Natural gas consumption : 0,73m³/h
  • Number of chickens : 6-8
  • Number of forks : 2
  • Length of fork : 645mm
  • Power supply : 230V
  • Weight : 30kg
  • Dimensions : 860 x 420 x 560 mm

The small models are suitable for the cooking of 9 to 36 birds. Each model has a double row of rods for high capacity cooking.

The wide models with double row technology allow to roast a high capacity of chickens. The machines are fully made of stainless steel, and come with glass door.

Technical data small modelsAlpina-1Alpina-2NAlpina-2Alpina-3
Thermal power (kW)710,51417,5
Number of burners2345
Propane gas consumption (kg/h)0,560,841,121,4
Natural gas consumption (m³/h0,731,11,461,82
Number of chickens9-1215-2021-2827-36
Number of forks2+13+24+35+4
Length of the fork (mm)640640640640
Power supply (V)230230230230
Weight (kg)637890103
Dimensions (mm)945x570x630945x570x800945x570x970945x570x1140
Technical date wide modelsAlpina-4Alpina-5Alpina-6Alpina-7Alpina-8
Thermal power (kW)2025303540
Number of burners45678
Propane gas consumption (kg/h)1,622,42,83,2
Natural gas consumption (m³/h)2,082,63,123,644,16
Number of chickens35-4245-5455-6665-7875-90
Number of forks4+35+46+57+68+7
Lenght of fork (mm)985985985985985
Power supply (V)230230230230230
Weight (kg)132149172186200
Dimensions (mm)1285x570x11201285x570x12901285x570x14601285x570x16301285x570x1800

On special request for individual order, we offer double rotisseries for even higher capacities. The Tandem rotisserie is fully made of stainless steel, with double row technology, for very high capacities. It is mostly destinated for trailers and trucks.