Hog Roast

Designed for continuous operation at all kinds of events, this proven showpiece product will turn heads, as well as large profits!

From the aluminium roof, to the large five inch castors beneath the rustic wooden tray, the Alpina Hog Roast is a superbly designed product. The toughened see-through panels rise effortlessly on gas struts, while a quartz lamp keeps the rotating food fully illuminated at eye-level.

Separate controls for the quartz lamp and for the spit drives are connected through an isolating safety switch on the input socket, while there are separate controls for the three infrared gas heaters in the hood, ensuring thorough cooking of all food products

Especially impressive is the water trough, with stainless steel grating above water level. This keeps the meat succulent, and virtually eliminates hot grease haze by instantly cooling any meat juices which fall below. The trough is drained via a large ball valve in one corner, enabling safe and easy cleaning, which takes only minutes. A marine quality cover is available separately.

Number of Burners3
Outside dimensions
(HxDxB) cm
191 x 85 x 168
inside dimensions
(HxDxB) cm
46 x 46 x 129
Power (kW)13
Gas consumptionPropane: 1,4 kg/h
Natural gas: 2 m³/h
Weight (kg)150

As well as being able to cook multiple meats with speed and efficiency, The Hog Roast also serves as a spectacular attraction throughout the roasting process. This is in contrast to many low level ‘coffin type’ rotisseries, which hum away in a corner with zero interim benefit to any other business activity.

Make great use of the triple spits provided for easy carving, try roast lamb studded with cloves and garlic slivers, and impress everyone with rows of golden roasted quail, duck, chicken or guinea fowl drawn off the spits!

Whatever you decide to cook, you can be sure to profit from a quality investment!

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