Infrared Heating Ceiling Panels

The Alpina infrared heating ceiling panels can easily be mounted on or in the ceiling. The only thing needed is a power outlet. This infrared panels are widely used for the heating of large or industrial areas.


  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm to 60 x 120 cm
  • Power: 260 – 800 watts
  • Surface temperature: 100 degrees Celsius

Infrared heating ceiling panels

Dimensions (cm)60 x 12060 x 60
Power (Watt)1000-1050500
SurfaceAnti Corrosion Silica High-Speed spraying layerAnti Corrosion Silica High-Speed spraying layer
Surface colourWhiteWhite
IP ratingIP24IP24
Surface temperature150°C150°C
Advised fixation & applicationCeiling - big size rooms & industrial heating/dryingCeiling - big size rooms & industrial heating/drying
Heating elementFIR di-elektric materialFIR di-elektric material
Elektromagnetic emissionnonenone

Why should I use infrared heating?

Infrared provides warm, non-drying heat. It is as close to the natural effect of the sun without the harmful UV rays.

It heats the objects and you in a highly energy-efficient manner.  The heaters can provide heat when and where you need it in a zone, on an individual thermostat or controller.  They can also be used to heat your entire home.  Zone heating is especially effective in limiting overall heating costs.  There’s no need to heat an entire home if you only use a couple rooms at certain times of the day.  Infrared heating designed by zone, allows you to heat the rooms you need.

  • The operating costs for infrared heating are especially lower compared to other methods of home or space heating.
  • The heaters can be a picture, a beautiful works of art or plain panels placed on walls or your ceiling.
  • Infralia heating panels are very low maintenance with no filters or exhaust/ducts to keep clean.
  • They are very durable with a life expectancy exceeding 100.000 hours.
  • The heating panels can be controlled individually or with intelligent wireless controls.

More information or need advice?

Redefine Heating with infrared heating ceiling panels

Alll infrared heating panels  are easy to install and require no additional equipment, flues, fuel storage like traditional oil and gas heaters do.

There is also a range of health benefits that Infrared Heaters have over convection heating which makes them ideal for public buildings and health-related locations (e.g. hospitals & gyms).

We are always on the lookout for distributors to help sell and install these energy-efficient products.

Our products are TÜV, GS, CE, CSA (Canada and USA) and IGEF certified and are subject to the ecological materials test of the GSF.

Check out the full range of Alpina Infrared Heaters below.

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Using low-carbon steel as base material, double-sized treated with high heat conducting thermo-silica powder spreading at high speed, burnt to solidify and melt with base material in 1000℃ oven over 2hrs.

Inner silica treatment is in black; surface side silica treatment is standard in white color, other colors are also available;

The white color treatment surface is very elegant, anti-glare, pure white; the treatment’s chemical property is very stable to be anti-corrosion & with high Moh’s hardness scale to be antisketching,
and the heat radiation surface will never get oxidized to change into yellow color in
many years to come;
Micronmeter thick treatment & totally 0.4mm thick heat radiation medium, efficiently distributes and balances the heat, forms into a powerful vertical heat radiation.

Super thin inner metal heat conducting layer, quickly absorbs very K energy generated from heating element and evenly distribute to the whole surface, the performance is much more efficient than all kinds heaters radiation surface, including the glass panel heater’s surface.

According to 15months market feedback, MGM series products’ performance is the best than any competitors, needing shortest time to reach peak working condition.

And MGM01 represent the most powerful panel heater in the world.