Mobile Beer and Grill Bar

The Mobile Beer and Grill Bar is perfect for the hardened drinkers amongst us who like nothing more than a nice piece of barbecued meat and an ice-cold beer, the Mobile Bongos Beer Bar is an exclusively designed transportable unit with a professional beer tap.

Technical Features

  • Overall measurements L x H x W mm 1740 x 1500 x 775
  • Compartment with compressor group of 1/6 hp
  • Large central compartment with CO2 gas cylinder e barrel of 30 Lt
  • Capacity to produce 55 l/h from 20°C to 4°C
  • Kg 8 ice storage
  • Various tap possibilities
  • Changeable side tops with the possibility of fitting cooking tops
  • Paellero cooking top AUS 2B 2B PA – Total power 9.2 Kw – 31.400 BTU
  • Gas cylinder compartment (or extra barrel if there are no cooking tops)
  • Waste liquids tray with glass washer included
  • Supplied with water (waste and intake), gas and electric possibilities
  • Electrical tension 240V 50 Hz
  • Electrical power: 300 W
  • Weight 120 kg

Mobile Beer and Grill Bar

Four sturdy wheels allow the Bongos Beer Bar to be easily moved on even the most difficult of surfaces, so you can take it wherever you need to go! The refrigeration system, which has been specially designed, means the beer supply can be used at its ideal temperature for a number of hours without using an electrical current. This lets you “party” in places where electricity can’t get to.

There is also an option of fitting the Bongos Beer Bar with a cooking top, which offers the opportunity to cook great food in a real live-cooking atmosphere, and enjoy a beer while you’re at it!

The Mobile Beer Bar is ideal for pubs, restaurants, caterers, social gatherings, corporate events, private family celebrations and of course, students!

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