Mobile Culinary Cooking Island

Alpina Belgium proudly introduces the newly designed Mobile Culinary cooking island.


  • The Unit features stainless steel surfaces and durable, jet black, exterior treatment
  • The Unit features two, 1800 watt, SM-181R MAX Induction Ranges
  • Contains an integrated AF-350 Air Filtration System uniquely designed to remove odor and grease laden vapors during food preparation.
  • Refrigerated drawers consist of a hermetically sealed compressor, finned evaporator and condenser.
  • Drawers accept standard food pans
  • Dimensions: 183cm Wide X 84cm Deep X 98cm High.
  • Electricals: 220V/50Hz with Schuko plug or 110V-120V with U.S. cord set.

The Mobile Culinary Cooking Island has stainless steel surfaces and a durable jet black exterior treatment and includes two induction ranges, integrated AF-350 air filtration system and refrigerated drawers that consist of a hermetically sealed compressor, finned evaporator and condenser.

Specifications of the Air Filter System:

  • In cabinet mounted AF350 downdraft filtration system with:
  • Attractive stainless steel, counter level, capture flue(s)
  • Washable pre-filter, primary cell filter & carbon absorption filter
  • Delivering 96,7% capture of 1-3 micron particulate

Created with convenience and air quality in mind, this unit serves as a self contained mobile induction cooking station with refrigerated drawers for easy replenishment. It Includes 2 ea Flush mount ranges, 1 ea AF350 Air filter, 1 ea UCRD27A two-drawer refrigerator, and 1 ea PM2251 Power Management.

Max induction- Individual Solid State Smartscan PC Controls with:

  • Power On/off
  • Power On/Pan present indicator light
  • Simple knob-set thermostat control
  • Digital LED display op Power Level from 1-20 (Cook Mode) or temperature 38°-205°C (Temp Mode)
  • Cook/Temp Mode Touch Pad
  • Cook & Temp Mode indicator lights
  • Over/Under voltage protection standard
  • Black, smoke-glass, tempered faceplate

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