Gum Remover E-cart

The Gum Remover E-cart epitomizes power and durability. Its battery power can last four hours and removes 3000 pieces of chewing gum with one charge. Equiped with an adjustable push handle and front swivel wheels, the E-Cart is comfortable to use and easily portable. The long steam gun can clean hard to reach areas, and its high strength stainless steel construction guarantees its durability.


  • Easy to use by 1 user.
  • Removes gum in approx. 3-4 seconds
  • Uses very few amounts of water and products.
  • Can remove up to 700 gums/h
  • Brushes are available for any type of surface.
  • Very mobile and without power cord
  • Low running costs

Easy gum removal with the E-cart

The Alpina Gum Remover E-cart, a simple solution to a sticky problem. The E-cart gum remover is lightweight and totally portable. It is a state of the art gum removal machine with a built in vaporizer.

The Gum Remover E-cart contains a small LPG canister, a built in reservoir for the cleaning solution, a rechargeable battery and our clever little pump. The battery powers the pump, which injects the cleaning fluid into the vaporiser at a rate around 3ml per second. The LPG powers the heating unit built into this lightweight machine.

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Removes from any surface

The Proprietary gum cleaning solution is derived from totally natural and sustainable sources and is ph neutral. It instantly turns discarded gum into powder, which leaves no residues.

The Alpina E-cart gum remover machine is easily manoeuvred on its wheels meaning no strain on the operator’s arm or a requirement to carry anything.
NB. A nylon brush is also available for indoor use on carpets and tiles (perfect for pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres, casinos, schools and colleges).

Why choose the Gum Remover E-cart?

There are so many reasons to choose the Gum Remover E-cart over traditional chewing gum removal methods that justifying the change to colleagues or supervisors is quick and simple. Take a look at the list and see how a the Gum Remover E-cart would make your life easier.

  • Easily manoeuvred by one operator
  • No vehicles required so no access issues
  • No trailing cables or hoses means elimination of trip or electrocution risks
  • No noisy generators so cleaning can be done at night if required without risk of complaints
  • No high pressure water sprays so no mess and less risk
  • No need to barrier off areas means time savings and less disruption
  • No harmful chemicals – Gumwand uses our own unique vegetable derived cleaner
  • No need for power supplies or drainage – residue can be simple swept away
  • Interchangeable brushes allow interior as well as exterior use
  • Amazingly low running costs coupled with high efficiency mean real cost savings
  • No risk of damage to the underlying surface unlike power washing
  • Removes chewing gum from concrete in around 3 seconds
  • No secondary cleaning of shop windows
  • Eliminates the wastage of high volumes of water
  • Simple low-pressure technology offers added reliability and reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Fixed running costs make budgeting a piece of cake

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