Steam generator with diesel fuel boiler

The steam generator with diesel fuel boiler is the most powerful Steam Cleaner on the market. The steam generator is equipped with the most sofisticated technology with its user friendly controls and display. Because of the reduction of water consumption it is the ideal machine for car washing and different cleaning applications in industry. The steam cleaner with suction is the only machine on the market that adds to the steam spray the suction function, wihtout the use of an additional vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to the combined steam injection and suction, it is able to remover every kind of dirt from any surface.

Technical features :
  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
  • Auxiliary motor for burner
  • Discharge valve: allows a complete discharge of the boiler
  • Temperature regulator: the temperature is set-up by an electronic regulator
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Temperature regulator
  • Low fuel lamp
  • Integrated detergent tank with detergent delivery controlled by the gun
  • Double pipe gasoil pump
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Unit can be continuously refilled

The machine can be used at the same time by 3 operators, connected to three independent steam outlets, allowing to wash, vacuum, degrease without any power drop or interference. the three functions can be used in succession by the same operator or even by more operators at the same time, to create a continuous cleaning process at different stages.

All dirt is removed by the heat of the steam and immediately sucked up in the recovery bin in the rear of the machine.
It is equipped with a detergent tank, fixed in the side of the machine.

The heating time before use is 5 minutes, and in case of absence of electricity, the machine can be powered by a small generator.

Where to use Steam Generator with diesel fuel boiler :
Mobile car washing or washing stations, repair workshops, cleaning and sanitizing trucks, plane-, boat- and motorcycle cleaning, graffiti and stain removal, weed removal, industrial machine and tools cleaning, cleaning of rooms and equipment for animals, food industries, etc..

With this powerful Steam generator with diesel fuel boiler, we have moved from traditional cleaning, to a more advanced, ecological, more efficient, time saving and result driven cleaning method.

Steam generator with diesel fuel boiler

The Steam generator with diesel fuel boiler is the ultimate solution for a powerful, versatile and high quality car cleaning device.

  • High level car washing solution, with the possibility to remove dust, dirt and deep stubborn stains, and which can polish.
  • Commercial use such as in auto repair shops, car detailing outlets, public, government and corporate parks, service gas stations, company fleets and many more.
  • The Steam generator on diesel is not only benificial for the exterior of a motor vehicle, but it also cleans thoroughly the engine, wheels and interior of cars, while automatically removing bad smells and unseen bacteria.
  • Due to the compact size of our steam device, it becomes possible to run your own mobile car cleaning business.
  • Ideal also for establishing your own small car wash outlet.
  • Earn a steady income by washing the vehicles of high-end customers.
ModelSteam Generator on Diesel - 220VSteam Generator on Diesel - with suction function
Steam Pressure (Bar)1010
Boiler temperature (°C)180180
Steam Production (kg/h)3636
Electric Power (W)500500
Voltage (V)220220
Frequency (Hz)5050
Weight (kg)130130

Why choose steam as your cleaning preference?

Steam cleaning is the HEALTHIEST method

Our generation is the first to be brought up in a chemical soup, so to speak, with the use of chemical cleaning solutions escalating from the 1940’s. Every day we are faced with new evidence of the hazards of constant exposure to chemicals, with proven links to cancer, asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome, amongst others. Steam cleaning uses nothing but pure water, so you’ll not need to worry about being exposed to chemical or toxins.

Steam cleaning is the most EFFICIENT method

The high temperature (150°C) and high pressure (5 bars) of steam cleaning has a power that is unmatched. The “neutral” steam, which carries no mineral substances and no electric charges, neutralises the static charges of the dust particles. The steam consequently acts as a gaseous substance, melting and eliminating all fatty substances. Steam easily penetrates the smallest corners, eliminates the dirt and simplifies the cleaning process, rendering it efficient and long-lasting. Steam also eliminates detergent deposits (bio-films) meaning that steamed surfaces look cleaner and brighter.

Steam cleaning is the EASIEST method

By using heat to soften the binding agents that hold dirt or stains onto surfaces, steam takes a lot of the work out of cleaning. Old abrasive methods of cleaning are labour intensive and often very slow, and it can become incredibly difficult for elderly people to perform. Steam cleaning means improved working conditions, and less back-breaking labour, which is great news for cleaning staff. The machines are very easy to use too, and this simplicity and speed reduces the fatigue and repetitiveness of the cleaning tasks.

Steam cleaning is the CHEAPEST method

The use of steam also means that in 80% of the cases there is no need for detergents and disinfectants, thus generating important budgetary savings. In general or maintenance cleaning you can achieve outstanding results with nothing but water. By eliminating the use of expensive chemicals and various cleaning tools, your ongoing cleaning costs are hugely reduced, if not completely erased, and with one litre of water producing in excess of fifteen hundred litres of steam, you are using less water than traditional methods of cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the RESPONSIBLE method

As the saying goes, “we didn’t inherit this world, we are borrowing it from future generations.” As a result, we must be responsible for actions while we’re here. The fact is, cleaning chemicals don’t just disappear. They create a chemical load on our planet, in the same way they build up a chemical load in our bodies. With the arrival of steam cleaning – a truly sustainable cleaning method – there is no longer an excuse for further damaging our fragile environment.

Steam cleaning is the ECO-FRIENDLY method

When we pour thousands of litres of waste chemicals down the drain every day, we are poisoning our planet. By using steam, we reduce the use of chemicals by 80-90%, and reduce the use of water by 90-95%. And we use water at an alarming rate. Many people think this isn’t a problem because rain falls from the sky, and hey, we have lots of it! But the fact is, we don’t. Every year we have droughts and more pipe bans. We are reducing our resources, and we can’t keep going on like this. The steam method is the only one of its kind that qualifies as being non-polluting. In fact, the method requires only a minimal dose of chemical products and has a very low water consumption. This is why it’s being chosen by more and more environmentally-friendly businesses as their preferred method of cleaning.

Steam cleaning can improve your quality of life

Asthma and allergy sufferers are hyper-sensitive to dust mites (as well as many chemicals) but these and other invisible microbes affect us all in many different ways. The ability that steam has to kill these parasites (and their eggs) breaks the breeding cycle, and although we can never totally eradicate dust mites, by controlling and minimising the populations, we can improve our quality of life.

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