Electric Rotisseries

Electrical spits and chicken-grills

The professional roasting spits and chicken-grills from Alpina offer for each use the optimum possibilities. Combined with innovative technology and unique design they are perfect for any professional.

Alpina Basket chicken Rotisserie

Basket chicken Rotisserie Our Basket chicken Rotisserie is delivered complete with baskets and one dip tray. Both the front and rear doors sport safety glass and a lock to protect your chickens! jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); They are made entirely of stainless steel, so they're both durable and incredibly easy to clean. The heating is by electric [...]

Alpina Electric Chicken Rotisserie With Rods

Electric Chicken Rotisserie With Rods For the plumpest, juiciest birds, go ahead and try one of our high-performance Electric Chicken Rotisserie With Rods! Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel with an enamel and brass finish, you won't find anything better on the market. These units are ideal for indoor or shield space use. jQuery(function() {jQuery(".alpina_slider").owlCarousel({singleItem:true,items:1,navigation:true});}); Features [...]