Safe steam cleaning system on gas
New water preheat system – no power cords: 100% portable

The G-cart is a portable gas-powered steam cleaning machine that provides convenient and efficient cleaning for floors, walls and other surfaces in public areas ; for removing chewing gum, stickers and other hard-to-remove stains. It combines safety, reliability, convenience and green.


A new water preheat system absorbs any exhaust heat and re-uses it to heat the water, thus lowering the surface temperature and making the use of the heat energy generated in the process of the combustion to produce instant steam, reducing the energy waste.

The gas pressure gauge monitors the pressure of the gas tank and analyses the most suitable pressure required in the current outdoor temperature and weather environment.

Gas leak sensor: A specially designed computer software detects any gas leak, automatically shutting off the gas supply.

Stainless steel construction: Commercial and industrial-grade heavy duty structure.

Portable: The G-cart requires no trailing leads, makes it easy to use without any accessibility issues.

Steam pressure gauge: Specially designed computer software controls the steam pressure to be the ideal level to supply the perfect amount of steam for the cleaning job.

The water level sensor automatically shuts off the gas supply, when the water level becomes too low in the tank, protecting the machine from overheating.

The built-in gas regulator guarantees stable gas supply, no matter if the gas pressure is high or low.

An ergonomic trolley design includes a retractable handle to adjust the machine to a comfortable operation height for the operator, and makes the machine easy to transport.

Safe, flexible moving: Two front swivel castor wheels offer flexible moving, while two rear rubber wheels allow the machine to be manoeuvred and transported upstairs easily.


Safe, 100% portable steam cleaning with the G-cart

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