Ice-Gun® presents an ice cold glass!

A refreshing drink should never be missed on a hot summer day. An ice cold beer, a fresh glass of wine or an ice-cold gin and tonic, great to enjoy together with friends or to enjoy at conferences or business meetings.

Ice-Gun®, is a spectacle for the customer!

Impress your guests with the Ice-Gun® glass cooler.
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The Ice-Gun® ensures that your drinks are served ice-cold and that the glasses look unique and cool.
Perfect for an ice cold beer, Gin Tonic, Limoncello, Prosecco, Champagne, wine, all cocktails, or other drinks.
The handy design of the Ice-Gun makes it practical, easy and everywhere to use. You only need to connect the Ice-Gun to a cylinder of liquid carbon dioxide with riser and it is ready for use. The Co2 cylinder is good for about 500 ice-cold glasses.

Ice-Gun® for every glass!

The Ice-Gun® is ideal for restaurants, pubs and clubs or a cocktail bar and for every occasion where drinks are served. Its convenient and unique design makes it suitable for quick and easy operation in any environment, indoors or outdoors.

The Ice-Gun® provides the glasses with a unique frozen look that looks hip and chic. With the Ice-Gun® you freeze the glass in a few seconds using liquid carbon dioxide.

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