Steam car washing machine electric with vacuum

The electric steam car washing machine is a very powerful steam cleaner. It is equipped with the most sofisticated non-boiler technology, and user friendly controls and display. Because of the reduction of water consumption, it is the ideal machine for car washing or other cleaning applications. It is a steam cleaner with a continuos flow of wet and dry steam (adjustable) and vacuum for fabrics cleaning.

Only a few liters of water are enough to wash a car !

Technical features :

  • Non-boiler technology is safer with no explosion risks by cracks or leaks from a boiler steamer
  • Almost instant steam – 60 seconds heating time. (with a boiler steamer you need +/- 7 minutes)
  • Energy savings : More steam per watt is produced than in a boiler steamer, and no wasted energy heating water and steam that may not be used.
  • Stronger, steadier steam pressure than a boiler steamer. The boiler steamer is likely to explode if the steam pressure increases.
  • Totally adjustable steam, from very wet to very dry for all types of cleaning.
  • Lighter in weight than a boiler steamer
  • Always continuous fill water. With our steamer, you add water when you want and the steam is made almost immediately.
  • Saving of a great amount of water, as with only 4 litres of water you can wash a car completely in +/- 15 minutes.
  • You can wash a car in very cold winter.

With only a few glasses of water, the machine allows to wash, degrease without any power drop or interference, to create a continuous cleaning process at different stages and to combine steam with aspiration for interior cleaning.

The heating time before use is 60 seconds, because of the non-boiler technology.

Where to use electric Steam Generator :
Mobile car washing or washing stations, repair workshops, cleaning and sanitizing trucks, plane-, boat- and motorcycle cleaning, graffiti and stain removal, industrial machine and tools cleaning, cleaning of rooms and equipment for animals, food industries, etc..

With this powerful Steam generator, we have moved from traditional cleaning, to a more advanced, ecological, more efficient, time saving and result driven cleaning method.

Start Your own business with a low capital, and without having to worry about official permits and water restrictions. You save the earth by saving water !

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ModelElectric Steam Car Wash Machine Alpina-JNX-C
Water tank capacity3 l
Water consumption0,3 liter/minute
Steam temperature110°C
Pressure (bar)6
Voltage220V - 240V / 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption (W)3 kW + 1 kW (vacuum)
Water tank capacity (l)9
Waste tank Capacity (l)10
Dimensions84 x 89 x 61cm
Weight54 kg
Heating time60 seconds
Standard accessories1 smal steam vacuum brush / 1 vacuum hose / 1 steam hose / 1 steam gun (6m) / 2 microfibre towels

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